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I've noticed something weird, or maybe it's normal and I just didn't know it. I run 2 copies of tac team 1 in ensign slots. 1 in a universal and the other in a dedicated tac slot. The cooldown on the one in the tac slot is 30s like it should be. But in the universal slot the cooldown is 45s everytime. Doesn't matter which one I activate first. Is there something I'm missing? I just couldnt seem to find info on it.


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Join Date: Feb 2013
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04-20-2013, 08:56 PM
OK, figured it out. I've been switching around boffs/abilities and noticed that particular boff's skills weren't maxed out for that ability. It now has the 30s cooldown. Didn't know before now that skill level affected CD time.

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