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# 1 Random Dance Party
12-30-2012, 11:39 PM
Okay, I must admit that I don't play many MMOs (The Secret World is the only other one), but I absolutely love that fact that, at any given time, a random Dance Party can happen at Club 47.

I was back as ESD to access the exchange and bank, when I noticed a BUNCH of random players in Club 47...just dancing...having a good time...firing off poppers. No reason, no rhyme, no Cryptic event...just dancing.

For some reason, this made my day.

Just the idea that some random players from around the world, put aside any differences, or reasons for playing (grinding), and just acted goofy. I loved it. Reminded me why we play games in the first place...TO HAVE FUN.

So, I salute all of you Zone 7 ESD Party people...you restored a tiny bit of faith in humanity in me.

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