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This should take just a couple of seconds to do, so I figured I would suggest it. When we approach ESD, we are greeted by a docking controler who weares a Gray/Blue/White uniform and some headgear, yet this character is not found on ESD anywhere, that I can see... However, if we beam from Starfleet Academy to ESD, the ESD transporter operator we see standing behind the console is the contact for doing so.

I just thought it would make sense to add the dock controler to ESD's interior, perhaps in the shipyard standing at the center-most console in front of the windows looking out into the spacedock. Either that or stick him in front of that console on the high catwalk outside of the shipyard, instead of that tactical officer that stands there now.

No big deal. I just like little details like that, and like I said, I figure it won't take much time to grab the NPC created for the ESD Docking request conversation and actually place him on ESD.
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01-20-2013, 06:23 PM
It's a good point. Kinda like K-7, where some random officer should be handling docking operations, not Lt. Commander Icheb himself.

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Of course esd has many more decks than we have access to in the game.
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