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# 1 Miners Under Siege
12-30-2012, 01:14 PM
I seem to be having trouble with this one. I defeated the three Galors attacking the freighter by drawing them out one by one, but not before blowing up a few times. But now I'm at the planet with the platforms and the Keldrons and Galors. Just too large of firepower to take all the heat, and by the time I get close enough to tell what is what I'm already in their area of fire. Can someone give a good tip on how i can defeat these forces without blowing up? Thanks.

Here's my setup.

Dual Phaser [CrtD][CrtH] and Polaron [CrtD]x2 Beam Banks MK X's.
Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher MK X [Acc][CrtH]
Photon Torpedo Launcher MK X [CrtH]

Graviton Deflector Array Mk X [ShdS]
Impulse Engines Mk X [Turn]
Reman Prototype Covariant Shield Array Mk X

Phaser Beam Array Mk X [Dmg]
Transphasic Mine Launcher Mk X [CrtD][Dmg]
Tricobalt Mine Launcher Mk X [CrtH][Dmg]
Tetryon Beam Array Mk X [CrtD][Dmg]


Engineering: SIF Generator Mk X, Monotanium Alloy MK X, Electroceramic Plating Mk X, Diburnium Hull Plating Mk X

Science: Subspace Jump, Countermeasure System Mk X

Tactical: Variable Geometric Detonators Mk X x2, TCD Subspace Infuser Mk X

Devices: Scorpion Fighters, Subspace Field Modulator, and a few consumables.
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# 2
12-30-2012, 05:25 PM
That is a tricky part. Try to lure each ship away from the others one at a time.

Oh, and you're much better off using just one type of energy weapon (ex: phasers or polaron) instead of a combination of more than one.

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