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12-31-2012, 09:44 AM
Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
[color="DeepSkyBlue"]"For Whom the Glabrescent Toils"
This one is my favorite.

As for my 2013 wishes, I want to get a new signature! Please Devs! Put the William Ware Theiss legacy into this game! The man was a genius, and an integral part of Star Trek history! And people would eat those puppies up!

Come on! People would love to re-create those lovely ladies in my signature!

Also; more/better hair. Particularly long ones. I don't care if it's static. I want waist length hair in strait, wavy, and curly variants.

And more High Heels. And non-spiky boots for KDF.

And finally, this thread. Please remove most of the colourful nebula nastiness from the background maps! I beg of you!

So inhumane superweapons, mass murder, and canon nonsense is okay, but speedos are too much for some people.
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12-31-2012, 10:18 AM
More factions!

I don't care about whether the existing factions are "finished"... Why wait for the devs to write 50 or so missions I'll never play more than once, if that?

Playing as a member of the RSE, Dominion, Undine, Borg, or mercenaries would be a fun new experience.

I can haz joystick!
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12-31-2012, 10:24 AM
I would like the ability to log to a .txt file all my chat windows and log windows which flood out a lot or when I change toons or instances go poof right now.
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12-31-2012, 12:24 PM
Priority One: Bug Fixes!

There is many bugs from older seasons that yet to be fixed, like the Perfect Cadet in Starbase Dailies. And Season 7, the KDF Embassy Escort mission is incompletable. CTDs when entering Qo'nos.

Queue bugs, and STFs booting people.

Tailor Bugs (You go to Edit your STF Ground Set, it resets your character.)

Red Alert Bugs

2) A Boot / Penalty system for Event Moochers / Leechers who purposely stand there doing nothing.

3) Fleet Starbase revamp that helps smaller fleets progress than hinder them.

4) UI Fixes

BOFF powers for X position stays, no matter what BOFF you have stationed.

You switch devices, the UI remembers the Device slot and puts the device in the UI slot you assigned to that device.

You switch ships, the UI remembers the UI layout for that ship.

5) Foundry - No more hyping until they actually fix it!

Adding missing player ships to the Foundry listing (many C-store ships not listed).

More Alien costume options from character to clothing.

More Alien ships.

6) More Player Customization!

Allow Aliens to have Tails, Beaks, Claws, Snouts! Liberated Borg players able to equip Borg Protestics like in the show, as arm extensions than miniguns!

7) Focus on more Functional Interiors!

8) More Canonical ships!

Don't have to be player ships, some NPC ships would be nice. Be fun to see a TOS Miranda flying around, even if it's a 100 years old and flown by a honest merchant.

9) Ground Paperdoll adding a slot for EVA Suits and Weather specific clothing, like Winter Jackets in cold environments.

10) Player ship revamp to make Cruisers viable again as tanks, than the heavy focus on Escorts or Ships with Canons.

11) Original STFs become available again (not queued) with unique rewards, partly so Gamma Orionis wouldn't be a graveyard.

12) Crafting and having it viable and maybe necessary.

13) Canonical Risa revamp, no longer it being Gilligan's Island.

14) More Unique Foods and Drink added to STO, sold by unique vendors.

Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
My one big wish...

A Separate Place/Bank to store all my Tribbles & Pets.

Personally would like to see one similar to TOR, where we got a drop list of pets that we just merely click to use. Would be handy for fast events like Colony Invasion, where specific tribbles would come in handy. Like Undine Tribbles or Gamma Tribbles. But you don't have time to fiddle to find the right tribble.

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12-31-2012, 12:26 PM
Reducing the amount of Omega makrs for projects.

Romulan Faction.

More missions.
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we use devices inside our ships to give the ship more performance
for example Dominion Isomagnetic EPS Con + Romulan Alpha-Matrix Compositor + Klingon Matter Injector gives some bonus ...

space jump wtih melee fight games ,racing games ,ranking system ,options so we can use shuttles more ,ablative armor shuttle and ground vehicles
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12-31-2012, 01:15 PM
- more KDF episodes, full 1-50 gameplay; it should have its own tutorial ad opening cinematic
- bug fixes
- better PVP
- more Foundry love
- Romulan faction
- more remastered episodes (the Mirror Universe missions sorely need a touch-up)
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12-31-2012, 01:16 PM
I would love for a finished KDF, that doesn't start at 20, and c store kdf love.

Romulan faction would be awesome (Though I know not realistic with the wish above for 2013)...playing on New Romulus has made me want to play a Romulan even more!

New Sectors would be awesome, with some new enemies, and of course more endgame both PVE and PVP.

More playable races would be cool for both factions...female Lethean and Nausicaan would be nice too.
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12-31-2012, 01:20 PM
Full KDF faction, but that's unlikely to ever happen.

An 'independent' faction, for all the folks who don't feel like red OR blue (for whatever reason).

Foundry to get out of beta. Seriously. 2 years?
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12-31-2012, 01:21 PM
Most importantly:

They need to remove the mission cool downs.

They are being paid to provide a service.

We should be able to play what we want when we want.

If they want to gimp the non subscribers, that is their decision.

Subscribers should get what they pay for and that's not a lot of waiting around.
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