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# 1 A Thread For Writers
01-04-2013, 04:36 AM
I sometimes venture into the realm of writing from time to time, some will know me for earlier lit challenges and some for my work in the foundry. I had been writing a novel (for my own amusement and nothing else.) but got side tracked but I'm thinking of continuing and I wanted to share it, if anyone is interested in reading what I have written so far, which a couple of extra chapters to be added shortly.

here is a link to a blog that has the prologue and the other chapters are listed on the right hand side.


It is a dark fantasy novel (think lord of the rings, dungeron & dragons, game of thrones etc etc). Its got some violence, some mild swearing and other nasty things from time to time so its certainly not a children's book. It's not that bad either but just wanted to let people know what to expect and it is very much a work in progress. (I'm quite prepared for people to think its rubbish but I'm hopeful people will like it.)

If anyone would like to comment on it, I would welcome feedback. I'm quite open to honest feedback, so while I am not a professional writer I would be curious to see how people feel it stacks up to a real novel, as most writers know its very hard to judge your own work.

If people like it, I will keep the thread updated whenever I add a new chapter, and people are welcome to write their own stories, poems, novels or what ever they wish for others to read.

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