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# 1 Suggestions for PvP
01-01-2013, 02:24 AM
Hello my fellow sto fans,
I had an idea for a new PvP experience which I want to share with you.

1) royal rumble

Let's say 20(?) Players meet in a PvP arena. There are no teams. There is no respawn. Everybody fights against everybody. The last player who survives is the winner. Maybe cloaking should be baned. And running away with no lighting should be punished. I haven't thought out this to the end but I would like to hear your critics.

2) elo

One problem with PvP is that there meet players with very different skills and experience. A noob is fresh meat for a veteran. Which is very frustrating for the noob. How about adding a so called ELO to everybody. It's a system from chess to calculate the skills of every player so that they can arange games with two players with most equal skills to find out who is better. We could add such an ELO to arange PvP matches with equaly skilled players. And to find out who is the best PvP player.

I am excited to hear your thoughts to this.

Happy new year.!

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