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Originally Posted by bugspatteredjack View Post
Has anyone noticed that occasionally some Borg Elite's (i.e. Donatra's ship) is damn well near impossible to kill? I play daily and sometimes it feels like it has gotten too easy, I don't die once but other days it's literally just not going to happen... not to mention all the invisible kill shots taking you out with one shot no less. Than, worse, ppl start bailing and you have just wasted an hour .... sigh.

I agree with everyone here though, its a great way to learn. I have walked away with mainly greens and on occasion with 6 Borg Neural Processors in one go. Thus, dill count is high on a daily basis for me so in that way its worth it.
I just wanna point this out........... Playing Elite PvE and playing Elite STFs is not the same

Meet the learning Curve of STO....

_______________________________________________ Then All of a sudden u hit a straight line! Here. (I cant do it with the forum formatting... I tried..)

Lvl 1 ________________________________________Lvl 45_______Elite STFs

Lvls 1 thru 50 in STO even on elite are a straight line of a learning curve. When you hit STFs its like going from crawling to driving a Lamborghini with no knowlage of the roads your on, how the car handles, And its a manual, and you have no idea what the clutch does.
Its like telling a 5 Year old to go make his own breakfast lunch and dinner. He will look at you... Go What? Then ull be forced to make him food. Once u reach STFs in STO, Its like going from being driven around fro 40 years, to having to drive your own car, at night, on a narrow winding road, covered in ice. Sure im sure about 1% of ppl will be sucsessful. But the vast majority hit Elite STFs like a wall.

Just saying!

While playing on Elite from start to finish helps... Its still a brick wall....


Elite Dificulty was really truly made for ppl like me, who get bored of STO, and want something more interesting. Normal Missions, I can litiraly beat with my eyes closed. Now if I switch to elite, I might have to add 1 more button to spam when my eyes are closed.

Its for ppl who are good in STO, to find something harder when they are bored. The ratio...
Loot:Time for an average first time STO player is about

1:10 Normal
1:20 Elite

The time gained by a normal player playing elite is not justified by rewards.

To be fair, playing on advanced is the fastest way to lvl. Advanced is not hard enough to add time, but has a better reward table to keep a better Loot:Time:Skill ratio then the other 2.
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02-16-2013, 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by radkip View Post
Everything else is white or green garbage that I don't even pick up unless they're engines, deflectors or shields that actually vendor for a decent chunk of change.

and you can tell what they are before you pick them up?
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02-16-2013, 01:56 PM
Originally Posted by altai8008 View Post
and you can tell what they are before you pick them up?
Every drop has a white, green, blue, or purple glow emanating from it before you pick it up. =) And I think different objects have different containers...
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02-16-2013, 02:41 PM
the difference between a green engine, and a bottle of chateau picard isnt obvious until you pick up the item. or is it?

there may be a difference in apearance between different items, but if there is, its lost on me.

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Originally Posted by caelrassto View Post
Cryptic needs to modify how Advanced and Elite difficulty reward players. The extra drop percentage isn't significant for end game, and the extra expertise isn't needed. They need to give incentive for well geared players to turn up the difficulty in solo missions.

They should increase mission rewards from the difficulty level and have it apply to all earned currencys (dilithium, fleet/romulan/omega marks, etc.) It doesn't need to be and should not be as large as the per-kill expertise bonus (i.e. say 15%/30%). Earning 30% more marks or dilithium on a mission is definitely worth moving the slider up.

I will say that running some of these foundry missions on Elite certainly ups the game. Lots of fun.
Just reading old post's, and one thing I have always done. Is play Elite difficulty. Normal difficulty is a waste of time and a laugh at how easy it is.

One Normal difficulty I get whites frequently the odd green and a rare blue and once in a blue moon a purple drop.

On Elite Difficulty what I receive in return is far greater , I receive countless greens more blues and a purple more often like once a day!

One thing you have to factor in to your play style and Elite difficulty is how much time you spend doing this. One mission will not be enough to see the difference. There is such a thing as RNG. Random Number Generator. This is a lot higher for Elite always has been, but you still have the randomness of it. But it definitely pays off. Specially since now a lot of Green Mods sell for 500k and blue mods sell for 1 million on ground. and if you are lucky enough to get a purple that sells for 6 million to 10 million

Play Elite for a Month and see the difference! The rewards do not need to be upped there are tons of purples flooding the Market and where do you think they come from? Players who play Elite all the time.

Play normal and feed my pockets if you dare!

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06-21-2014, 09:57 AM
My experience is this: playing elite by moving the difficulty slider for episodes or foundry missions is not worth it. Too much effort for too little reward, and it takes too long as well. Jump into the elite stf queues (once your& your ship are ready) for better drops, and play the battle zones for vendor trash loot (ec) & marks + gizmos (to trade for dil) after you've "crafted" your gear, of course. You will roll up $ pretty quickly. To get uber wealthy, win the lottery by buying keys with your ec from time to time, and open boxes. Find that one ship, and sell it.
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06-21-2014, 11:04 AM
Doing elite in foundry kill grind missions does give better rewards then playing them on normal. But u get better rewards from killing boss NPC not the normal ships which are very few in the story missions.
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06-21-2014, 05:25 PM
I very rarely play elite but have observed that the drops are alot less outstanding than previous.
It would be nice if they did the drops according to player difficulty setting. Normal: Green, Advanced: Blue, Elite: Purple and go by MK 1- ect. with additional rewards upon playing at a ceratin level.
This way players who don't feel they're being challenged can play through the difficulties and be rewarded substantially. It trully isn't fair that those who do pay for the game and are playing at max level because they already did everything in game to be given crappy drops and rewards.
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The op is totally right. I only play on elite because of the challenge, but drops are not better than playing in normal or advanced. Since ages ago. Maybe you will get more purple items than playing in easier levels, but those purple items will appear only twice or three times in an hours, lets say. The difference is, in normal and advanced, instead of those purple items, you will get probably blue ones (but you can get purples as well) and more often. Its a "trick" to think people that get MORE better rewards, but it not real..
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06-21-2014, 05:43 PM
One of the oldest pages in Blizzard's rulebook is that harder and harder difficulties can work, but you have to make sure the reward is always in direct proportion to the challenge. If it isn't, even if it's a smidge better than the rewards from the difficulty one notch below, it tends not to be worth it due to the longer time investment diluting the ratio of reward to time commitment. Playing the highest difficulty and succeeding with superior play should be the most efficient way to gear for players worth their salt. If it isn't, no one will run it. Not even those up for the challenge. Just more efficient to run 5 minute conduit and jump into the next 5 minute khitomer and so on.  1390007378
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