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Originally Posted by foxrockssocks View Post
Dilithium is surely easier to get, that must be why the market is crashing and the value is skyrocketing, right? Its not a contributing factor that everything costs dilithium now, things that did not cost dilithium before in the reputation system, nor that EDC, rare salvage, and even tech turn ins are gone did not contribute to that, neither is it relevant that marks can't be spent on dilithium if you are still chasing 4500+ marks to get through the reputation system and a single MK XII set. It can't be a contributing factor that people can't even get entry level purples any more without spending a ton of dilithium.

Dilithium is worth more now than ever before, not because its easier to get, but because it is scarce, very much so.

Now I don't know why you feel the need to get hostile because I have a different opinion and perspective than you do, but maybe you should take a step back and realize that season 7 is not fun for a lot of people, as can be seen in this thread. I've listed my issues, and offered suggestions for improvement, and all you have done is try to belittle my opinion and suggestions by claiming it is nothing but whining.
I am simply playing Devil's Advocate to your thread. You can't expect everyone to agree with you. I certainly don't on many points, but I fail to see how you can call me hostile. I am simply pointing out the failings in your posts.

The dilithium market is crashing because there are those who are buying zen by the boatloads because they are instant gratification players who want stuff now. That market is controlled by the player base, which is composed largely of instant gratification players who have no patience.

And if you really aren't having fun in Season 7, perhaps you should just stop playing for a while. Or just trudge along doing whatever.
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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
I'm glad I didn't start the rep cycle on any of my toons. A shame I can't barter off all my accumulated rom marks for something useful.
I absolutely agree with everything the first guy said on the long text.Season 7 really killed a lot of the addiction i had to the game.and being in a demanding big allmost tier 5 fleet its even worse,you spend less and less in the fleet because you need it for reputation projects.people complain and criptic does nothing.before season 7 everything was better and simpler.i never go to new romulus,its a waste of time .i do the omega amd romulan stf space missions but thats least you could see new romulus getting better with our time spending helping that planet but the visual graphics are allways the the NR shipyard you dont even have to move much just stay in the same place and the same device you fixed to get the 100% you need to get the points just gets broken again.just stupid.

Season 7 Not only killed my buzz for the game but ruined Fleet projects for a lot of Fleet.people just dont donate as they used to.being a paying customer i expected a much better season.

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