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My main options right now are the Orb Weaver on my Sci, or the Breen ship on my Tac or Eng, thoughts, suggestions on how to set it up, etc?
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01-01-2013, 09:16 PM
Originally Posted by ericsonxx View Post
My main options right now are the Orb Weaver on my Sci, or the Breen ship on my Tac or Eng, thoughts, suggestions on how to set it up, etc?
To be honest, neither are especially suited to Torp-boating. You want an escort, for maximum forward-arc alpha strike power. The Heavy Escort Carrier seems to be a popular choice, and sci-vessel people seem to like the Intrepid-R.

With 'scorts you can even blend traditional cannon-boat Boff setups with minimal reworking.

A build I've seen (but never tried) involves an HEC, equipped either with Delta Flyers (for Tachyon Beam) or Runabouts (for Tractor), with Polarized Disruptor DHCs up front + 2 Photon Torps (fast cooldown) and Turrets in the rear (or 2 turrets + 1 more torp or even mines). For the main equipment a 2-piece Omega set + the MACO shield adds good defense and the shield-busting Tetryon Glider proc),

The polarized disruptors hit both hull damage resistance and drain shield power (eventually disabling the system altogether), allowing the photons to do the killing.

Mixing Cannon scatter volley with Torp spread (to maximize group kills) plays havoc with probes and light ships in STFs and Fleet actions, while using Rapid fire and High Yield (with the right timing) can murder even elite cubes. Couple that all with Attack Pattern Beta or Omega and you're practically rolling in damage boosts.

With the right Doffs you can even get away using a single photonwith constantly proccing cooldown boosts, adding in the best of both cannon and torp builds.

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01-02-2013, 04:09 AM
for the breen I would really not go with torps, DHCs are just too superior.

however on a sci ship (except for the Vesta for obvious reasons, stated above) I found torpedos to be quite effective.
what I found the most effective is to use 3 torpedo boffs. for rare boffs you should use photon (or plasma) for very rare boffs quantum torpedos.

3 turrets in the back, 2 torpedos and a DBB (for subsystem targeting) in front. I managed to get 6-7k DPS with that setup in STFs, then I abandoned it, for the Vesta, and since DHCs are better, I did not test more, so I have no experience on the new plasma torpedos, so I cant rly help you there

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