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Yes its another "rate my build" thread. Hey i'm bored.

Engineer in one of the above ships.

Weapons are:

Front: 4x Antiproton DHC MK XII [Borg]

Rear: 2x Antiproton Turret MK XII [Borg], 1x Quantum Mine Launcher MK XII [Borg]

Powers are as follows:

Comm Tac: TT I, C:RF I, DP:A II, AP:B III
Lt. Comm Tac: TT 1, C:RF I, AP:O I

Lt. Engineer: EPTS I, AUX2SIF I / ET II (Probably aux2sif)
Ensign Engineer: EPTS I

Lt. Science: TSS I, HE II (or vice versa)


Tac: 3x Mag Regulators, 1x Quantum Chamber
Science: 2x Shield Capacity
Engineer: Borg Console, Turn Rate Console, Plasma Resist Armor / Grappler, Theta Radiation / EPS Flow Regulator (not sure I need the EPS)


Red Matter Capacitor, Subspace Field Thingy.

Please give advice.
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08-09-2012, 08:38 AM
I finally accepted that the Red Matter Capacitor is inferior to a good supply of large shield batteries. Mostly a novelty, for use in the earlier ranks. I run that and the Enhanced Plasma Manifold console on a Constitution at the beginning, but they get left on the lower-level ships. I do like that Subspace Field Modulator, though.

And I don't care what anyone says, the "all energy weapon" loadout is not only taking a big hit on power distribution, but missing out on the crowd control goodness offered by Torpedo Spread. I run some quantum mines once in awhile when I'm in the mood, but it sucks that there is no Lieutenant-level bridge officer skill for mines. I'm not giving up Scatter Volley I or Torpedo Spread II for a level 01 mine skill.

I use all armor/plating/alloy consoles in my engineering slots. I find they can make the difference when my shields are down (which is often in an escort), especially in combination with the Borg set hull regeneration bonus. I actually keep a full suite of the armor consoles in my inventory, and swap them in depending on the enemy's weapons.
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01-03-2013, 07:52 AM
Tac Team 1
crf 1
ap omega1
ap omega3

tac team 1

emergancy power shields 1
rsp 1

transfer shields 1
hazz emitors 1
tractor beam repulsers 1

4 fleet ap acc dhc
2 fleet acc ap turrets
1 breen cluster torp this build drop sthe skills required for torpedos and allows for more defense. ap omega for the damge increase, along with speed turn movement debuff invunerability defense buff and resist buff all in one , haveing ap o 1 and 3 allows you to cycle then when cd is on the other. the breen cluster torp aft doesnt need a expendature of skill points to hit hard enough to be highly effective.

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