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# 1 So the Vesta...
12-15-2012, 02:53 AM
Now that it's been out a few weeks I wanted to get some feedback from players who got it. I'm thinking about picking one up for my science captain. Currently she is flying a Recluse Carrier with a Polarized Disruptor energy drain build, but I never truly got happy with it. So I'm looking for something new.

Is the Vesta worth it? I collected about 1500 zen worth in dilithium so I wouldn't have to play full price for one, and I might even try to grind up the rest with the current low prices. Which variant would you recommend the most? I don't want to invest in a respec, so I'd probably still try to make a energy drain build work. Is the set bonus from the three pack worth it at all?

So what are your thoughts on the Vesta? I'm playing PvE only with this char, so it doesn't have to be the most competitive ship ever. But I hope to get more out of it than out of my Recluse. Maybe I'm just too spoiled for Science ship from using a fleet defiant on my tactical captain
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# 2
12-15-2012, 03:41 AM
I bought one on day one, personally i would suggest...

Front : Aux Cannons, Aux Cannons, Torp of choice
Rear : Turret, Cuttingbeam (Or Turret) Torp/Mine of choice.

I don't know about specific energy builds, as i stick to phaser pretty much. I also can't speak for the 3 piece set... But if your only going to get one, get the Aventine.

Looks the best, and the super phaser is usefull in STF's for probes that slip past, or you need to quickly take out a generator ect.

I bought mine on day one, been super happy with it
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# 3
12-15-2012, 11:33 AM
A few thoughts on the vesta, having tested it out pretty extensively for a few weeks.

It's a very fun ship - extremely fun, in fact. I really enjoy flying it, but it does have a few problems, namely the hull strength.

I don't fly it in STFs any more, simply because plasma fires and crits eat away at your hull so fast. You really need to run two copies of hazard emitters and even then it's sometimes not enough.

You can get a lot of power out of it, and you can normally keep the shields up no problem - but direct kinetic/plasma damage is a real killer so be prepared for it. Monotanium and Electroceramic alloys are absolutely essential.

In conclusion: Fun but squishy, more squishy than my escort to be honest - I've gone back to flying my Mobius for most things, but the Vesta is still a very fun little PvE ship. Great for tour the universe

It comes recommended from me, but expect to get blown up more than you would in a cruiser, and even some escorts.
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# 4
12-15-2012, 12:42 PM
Interesting. Being a flying paper doll is what I hate about my fleet defiant on my tac captain. Though I've been thinking about trying threat reduction consoles to get the focus off me, maybe that route would work for the Vesta as well. At least it has the Sci slots for it.

Which Vesta variant did you chose topset?

latiasracer: With only two turrets, how much weapon power do you run with? With the Aux Cannons and the projectile weapons, it seems to me as if you'd get away with running only 25 in weapon power.
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# 5
12-15-2012, 01:14 PM
I'd recommend the Sci version of the Vesta, as it's console is a great AoE heal, and having 5x Sci console spots will go great with the new threat scaling consoles.

The Quantum Field Focus Phaser runs off Particle Generators, so if you're not skilled into that, it's output is somewhat lacking. Skilled into it, the output is pretty nice.

Having all three consoles will increase your survivability a great deal, two out of the three consoles are defensive, and the three piece bonus is turtle mode that is basically a 'get out of respawn timer free' card. Though, you need to watch what other consoles you equip beyond those three, as you can very quickly either make it a deathtrap to fly or make it a wet noodle in fighting. Those are actually the only three universal consoles I have on it currently.

As far as weapon power goes, I'm currently running 3x Aux Cannons fore and 2x turrets and the Borg Cutting Beam aft, with 30 weapon power setting and the Jem'Hadar engines. With that CSV2 only barely dips the DPS down on the rear turrets towards the end of the cycle. The fore cannons are pretty power efficient, thanks to be to being on their own with the rear weapons being separate, and don't seem effect Sci powers very much when firing.
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# 6
12-15-2012, 01:25 PM
I love it, I use the tac version mostly. If having problems keeping its hull up either run 2 hazzards, or use one of the universals for engineering for more hull heals. After playing with the consoles I don't really use them besides sector space though.

My build:

Aux DHC x3
phaser turrets x3

Fleet engines, deflector, shields

Neutronium consoles x2
particle generator consoles x4
phaser relay x4
Adv danube hangar

tac team 1, scatter volley 1

Epts1, aux2sif1, ewp1
Epts1 Et2

HE1, TSS2, GW1, GW3, TBR3

I run 100 aux 50 shields at all times so the turrets don't get all that much power, still works good for damage with the aux powering the DHC, with damage and cc skills has no trouble guarding probes or soloing cubes in STFs.
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# 7
12-17-2012, 03:00 PM
for PVE you want DPS. DPS is the Aventine. get that. first thing: throw the aux cannons somewhere, where noone ever finds them (unless that particular person has an interesting PVP build).

go for CC and AoE. when going up against big things that shoot heavy torps, set your pets on intercept. like that basically you are helping your team. either your AoE, grav well, or pets will kill any heavy torpedo.

energy drain wise you can get some neat sci skills I guess, but I dont see how energy drain is useful for stfs. in pve you really wanna go dps

however if you are not a fan of CC, and a bit more micromanaging than an escort, this might not rly be the ship for you.
but I will say, its hard to find a way to fly this ship the wrong way, as in the way where you just cant enjoy it, it is really versitile.
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# 8
12-18-2012, 04:32 AM
That Vesta is by far the most interesting ship I have seen thus far. A ship that does not need to be 125 to weapons to do damage? How interesting so you can run a 25/75/120/25 build on her or even higher specially if you have only aux generated weapons and not oly that you can shift your focus to something that will make a eng great instead of making a hybrid between the two.

Players complained about Sci's and Eng's not having something and now they have the vesta a ship that will allow them to fight with the big boys, welcome to battle 101 lol if you are dying in a ship that has that high aux and xheilds then you really really really wasn't ready for the spot light to fall on you. the weapons are set and forget so all you have to do is concentrate on tanking and slashing and staying alive while your weapons are punching holes into your enemies and saying to tac's look at me now bitches!

If ou can't make the Vesta Respectable as an eng or a sci you should prolly stop complaining. That way people won't say you are talented or something because their is no reason I can understand how a fortifiable gun platform like the Vesta should be lacking. She is an incredible girl, wow, what a woman.
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# 9
12-18-2012, 06:41 AM
As a science captain, I view the Vesta, and her Aux DHCs, as the greatest makeup for all the science nerfs short of actually making science powers "work" again...

Remember, cruisers/escorts can live on 100/50/25/25 or 100/25/50/25. Most sciences want 100 weapons & 100 Aux to maximize their damage, which means, right off the bat, Sciences either do a "mixed" setting - I used to run 90/50/25/60 baseline to keep DPS up and give my powers some bite, or had to max power flow to swap between the 100 weaps and 100 aux...

With the Vesta, I can run a straight 25/50/25/100, for 50/67/47/124 (really need another Saurian or two with my one Saurian and C-store Borg to slot on the bridge). I run a loadout of 2x Aux DHCs / Omega Torp nose, Blue Mk XI phaser array from the Devidian mission for integrated subsystems / KCB / Photon tail - a fairly efficient DPS setup, heck, I am starting to run into aggro management problems with GW III / CSV I / Torp spread I as my "major" offense, and it only goes downhill from there with the Danubes and deflector phaser console (yes, I got full set)... Fortunately, the Vesta is a decent shield tanker when attention is paid to her shields, tac team is truly her friend...

Yeah, the KCB's only "averaging" ~260 a shot (my baseline damage) vs a turret's ~300-350 (450 from 125's triple power minus drain from forward weapons), but the DHCs more than make up for that. Also remember, because of the mixed drains and first weapon free, I only lose -12 aux or -10 weapon power, so my levels stay higher all the time...

With that said, I strongly recommend resilient shields on this ship, as of right now (with the busted T4 rep's shield regen) I rarely lose a shield (one shots & being gang-blasted by the 5 spheres I GWed to give us a clean shot at the transformer being the exceptions) and the reduced bleedthrough helps keep the paper hull in one piece. Definitely slot 1, maybe 2 copies of HE, you'll more than likely need it. I find that I get by for the most part running HE II and Engie Team I as hull heals (not a big fan of Aux2SIF heal because I want aux on my sci powers/cannon).

Meanwhile, as far as sets go, I like the synergy between Omega weapons set & MACO. The potential for a minimum of +12 weapons power (from the Omega weapon proc + a shield hit, might even get up to +20) helps give the KCB a bit more bite, combined with the fact that the MACO shield is resilient (saves hull). Vesta console set is very conditional, I really need to remember to use it's damage reduction field and heal when I'm being a stupid aggro-magnet, and the shield is much like ablative armor - great when the player really needs a few seconds of survival at the cost of all offense. Advanced Chroniton slipstream is handy for touring the galaxy or when you want to get from A to B ASAP without Tuffli/mission transwarping.
Well, with the upgrade announcement leaving NX and Connie fans in the dust again, can we restart / revisit the T5 Connie and NX threads - since they will no longer be "truly" endgame ships... (after we get the T5 versions, it'll be time to see them added to the T5U upgrade charts too...

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# 10
12-18-2012, 09:05 AM
My first experience with the ship gave the impression of a fail ship, but like most things, it takes a while for peeps to get to know the best setups who then share them in the build section.....

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