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01-03-2013, 05:32 PM
I have a few questions. Mostly regarding the ship interior

I have 24 bridge officers and plan on increasing that amount in the future, but a few things are holding me back from buying more bridge officer slots. Not all of my 24 bridge officers are visable in the bridge. It would be nice for the ones that are not on the bridge to be relaxing in 10 forward, playing poker or other games there or be in there quarters. I think it would be nice if they all had their own quarters which you could customize to suit there personality and whatnot. (can even be some kind of reputation system to do these modifications and what not)

Also, all my bridge officers are in matching uniforms i have chose, could we see an option to change the outfits of the regular crew to match my own? I can see this being done by a tailor on the ship and would simply choose the outfits being applied to (tactical female, tactical male, security female, security male, medic female.. and so on).

Also I believe that there should be a shuttle bay in the ship interior which holds all your shuttles and space pets and should be the point for shuttle selection instead of the transporter room. Also all ground pets should be in the captains quarters.

Also, would their be an update to ship trophies? I fly a dreadnaught and i cant put a trophy of one on my wall.

Also to gain more use from shuttles, could we see an option to deploy them from our ships as combat pets. can be in addition to carriers hanger pets so it does not take anything away from them.

I know those were a lot of questions, but I would be happy if atleast one or two of those were answered

Thank You

EDIT - Just thought of one more thing. Could there be something like a space kit? Im a tactical officer on an engineer ship. I wish to use commander tactical abilities since im a tactical officer, but i cant do that since i prefer to use cruisers. So like with the ground kits, could there be a space kit so people can use commander abilities of their career despite what ship they fly?

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01-03-2013, 05:34 PM
support dont work. any way to file a bug report as to get something fixed?

sto team has increased and is increasing. have you dan stahl or higher executives considered recruiting developers and team of the star trek infinity browser based game that went flop? they were in different time era but people has star trek vision.

the captains table is good spot. any idea to put a reason to go there?

star fleet academy is great. any plans for updating it?
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01-03-2013, 05:40 PM
Hi Dan,

when can we expect new content and/or tech in the game like a new series or the next Season?
Is there any chance to lift the daily dilithium refinement limit for characters in small fleets? Or any other way to ease the pain of waiting days doing nothing but refining 8000 units of the huge piles of raw dilithium in one click, and then logging out?

I know that scaling fleet projects' requirements is a tough problem, if even you guys couldn't come up with a good solution for that so far.
But in my fleet we're progressing slowly not because we couldn't gather all the goods to start a project. Despite the size of the fleet we have all the resources, because we're playing a lot. But since one character can refine only 8k D a day, thus spend max 8k a day on fleet projects, it doesn't matter how much time we spend in STO, our progress is almost unperceivable.

Chevenix, cpt. William D.
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Pls read my ideas on exploration sector & system revamp
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01-03-2013, 05:41 PM
Hello, Mr. Stahl!

I would like to know: how does the process of making decisions on what comes next in STO work? Like I am one of those lonely Galaxy-X's out there... You mentioned in the last "Ask Cryptic"...:

Dstahl: Animation is working out the kinks in the Saucer Separation for the Dreadnaught and once we have it ironed out, we plan to have an update to promote the new ability. Adding a Fleet variant is a possibility, but hasn?t been confirmed by the ship team as far as I know.

Could you please describe who tells the ship team what to do next?
(So I know to who I have to get on my knees for XD)
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01-03-2013, 05:52 PM
I have two questions. The first pertains to the Captain. The second pertains to the crewmen under his command:

What is the likelihood of the present Captain spec system being attached to the ships rather than the Captain? Stealth, Electroplasma Systems, etc should be attached to the ships making swapping between ships and buying more ships less painful. Captains should have the same pool of psychological traits that Duty Officers have thus you could fly a wider range of vessels while still having proficiencies and deficiencies.

We have a multitude of Bridge Officers and a plethora of Duty Officers. What of the possibility of enhanced BO/DO integration into gameplay? As it stands now both are little more than placeholders for keybound abilities and procs. In addition to this all BO's get upgraded to Very Rare if possible and given the cookie cut set of approved skills. Perhaps if BO's attained ranks of discipline through missions and battle it would be a more difficult decision to replace that Hardened Rare with a Novice Very Rare. Crew becomes disabled during battle via injury or death. Should not another Bridge Officer take their station? If another BO is not available then a Duty Officer? The VR DO's carry the rank of Lieutenant. We already have a First Officer, Tactical, Ops, etc. Could not these DO's fill out the departments under the Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Security, or the Chief Engineer?
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01-03-2013, 05:52 PM
Mr. Stahl,

Will we be getting a unique Breen bridge for the Chel Grett anytime soon?

Will there be a "Cryo Lockbox"?
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01-03-2013, 05:54 PM
Can we have Saucer separation for Galaxy-X soon? Please?
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01-03-2013, 05:55 PM
Any word on that annoying bug where your device powers disappear when you switch devices?
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Are there any plans on changing the incentives to be a subscriber/gold/lifetime player? What I mean is, quite a few other "Free to Play" games offer far better incentives to be a paying player than STO does.

Things like a bonus to earned credits/XP, increased chance at better drops, a higher Dilithium refinement cap (and I don't mean a 1000/day increase as a veteran reward), and maybe even early access to new content or other things, would be a far better primer for someone to become a paying player than a few respec tokens, bigger bank, and a space monkey pet will ever be.

Question 2;

Will it ever be possible to truly customize ships?

By this I mean, you buy a new ship and it starts off with say a 3/3 weapons layout, but would be upgradable to more slots for a price. This would apply to all the different equipment sots, with a hard cap on the total number of slots for a ship type. For example, you could change out a weapon slot for an extra console slot, or move all your rear weapon slots to the front (a Tac captain's wet dream), or even dump a device slot for an extra shield slot (with diminishing returns of course).

Don't even get me started on mix and match ships where the actual ship parts would determine it's base stats...
Hull would be base HP amount, and turn speed, inertia, etc...
Saucer would be base crew amount...
Nacelles would be base impulse and warp speed...

I'm off to try and weld the front of my Tor'Kaht to the back of a Vo'Quv.... Muhahahaaaaa!

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# 140 2 Ship Questions.
01-03-2013, 06:09 PM
Hi Dan, 2 questions about ships.

1. Can we the players get the Admiral Janeway SC-4 Shuttle with the Armor and Cloak ? That would be a awesome Shuttle, I would buy that on the C-Store.

2. Can we the players get a 2409 Ship Skin for the Excelsior ? The Fleet version is amazing with the extra Tac Console and Extra Transwarp destinations.

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