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01-03-2013, 02:16 PM
Hello Dan! Podcast UGC would love to have you back on the show sometime when you're not too terribly busy. :-)

Question: How do you guys prioritize what the next update will bring? I heard Season 7 was originally going to be about the Gorn, which is a story I think many players would want to see, but that didn't come to pass. How do you then decide since that is going on the backburner, what time it will re-emerge on the list of things to do? It seems like a monumental task that might never have a right answer.

Second Question: Ever fight Romulan frigates and wonder why you're fighting Birds of Prey from 300 years ago? I do. Do you think it's time for a modern class of Romulan BOP?
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01-03-2013, 02:17 PM
Happy New year Cryptic!

Just two small questions on whether the character art team (?) can find some time to do a quality pass on fixing how some hairstyles are beaming up before the rest of their character bodies AND whether any further discussion is being had as regards to the jarring stop-start animation that characters exhibit when moving just one step forward/sideways/backwards etc (when in default "jog" mode).

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01-03-2013, 02:18 PM
With Into Darkness coming out this year are we going to see any movie related costumes? Id love to have the uniform for my captain.

Originally Posted by theemmisary View Post
yes i got a good question- when is the issue of graphics incompatibility going to be addressed?

I've spent good $ on the game, and in the recent updates, it seems- even tho it says it still is- that on-board intel graphics for wondows 7 is no longer compatable with STO. it causes crashes/freezes EVERY time you enter a space arena of ANY kind. posted multiple tickets, noone cares enough to email me. Answer THAT one.
Onboard graphics cards are never meant to run games. They are there to power the operating system's GUI nothing more.

Onboard cards share the systems RAM and processor to run the card, thus taking system resources away from being able to run the game (or do anything else for that matter). You are shooting your self in the foot by using an onboard card.

Do your self a favor and buy a dedicated video card. You will be able to play the game better and you will see a decidedly large increase in your computer's performance.

As for what card to buy, i dont know much about nVidia cards but with ATi cards anything in the HD6000 series forward (and when you pick the card get one thats above x500, like a HD6750 over a HD6350, for example,as there are orders of magnitude different.)

And spend more then a $100!!!

I run this game on a 1gig ATi HD6750 with max graphics @1680x1050 (full screen windowed) on a duel-monitor set up, and its smooth as silk.
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01-03-2013, 02:18 PM
  1. What are you planning to do with traits? You had answered a request for a re-trait token not long ago with a rather cryptic (lol) statement about not knowing what would be happening to traits in the coming year... how about some more info on what is being tossed about? Because we REALLY need to re-trait!!

  2. What new hints, leaks, or even simple intentions can you share with us about coming KDF content?

  3. Now that the STF rewards have been balanced (via "Adapted" sets), will you consider making all C-Store ship consoles and weapons (that are not ship-specific) available to both factions by making them ACCOUNT bound? I strongly believe this could not only encourage people to try *both* factions (if only to gain gear), but justifies more faction balanced releases!

  4. Where's Sulu?
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01-03-2013, 02:19 PM
Ok a few questions, if you cant answer them all thats fine.. so here we go..

1) With having a much bigger Dev team now, which has been mentioned by Dan Stahl, why are there alot of constant issues being overlooked that make it onto holodeck, and has been like this for quite sometime now? What is the process that the developement team does to insure bugs dont make it to holodeck? I can understand you can't get every single bug fixed but it seems like there is no attention to people posting bugs on the tribble forums, and the same bugs that are discussed before you guys patch, seem to make it to holodeck never the less, not to mention rarely get fixed. And one final note is that with a bigger team, one would assume that projects would also not fall behind, why are ships such as the andorian ship for example being pushed back.. is your team not fully capable of handling this game?

2) With most successfull MMO's, there has always been a constant "theme" that Developers over the course of the games life introduce new classes/player races to the game. To give the game more variety. When can we see a new class be introduced for STO? We currently have Engineers, Science and Tactical captains, what about a possible "Command" Class?

3) When can we see new improvements to the game, that have been talked about for quite sometime.. for example "new hair tech, exploration revamp, pvp "not that I care for this personally, but iam sure others do", the map to rule them all "sectors connected togeather"?

4) KDF Content, when can we see a huge improvement to this faction that has been "to me" neglected on a constant basis. Such improvements as, New uniforms, new ships, missions that spand to end level like the Federation "faction" and so on.

5) Maco Adapted set, currently we can set the (Striker) Boots "glow" to any color we so choose, when can we see this implemented with the rest of the armor set so we can match the colors we so choose? Also to add to this question is, we can only get the shiney blue helmet appearance if we set the "default" armor appearance which also gives the blue glow on the rest of the armor, can there be a fix for this so we can select the helmet to the shiney blue the default helmet has?
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01-03-2013, 02:19 PM
Have you guys ever given any thought to unlocking the character creation system for the foundry? I'm not really sure why you restrict it so heavily in the main game, but in the foundry it makes no sense what-so-ever.

I'm referring to unlocking all the options, like Gorn heads or Omega Force gear. While the main game can be attributed to a number of things, restricting the foundry doesn't make any sense at all, and it's definitely not a coding issue.

Secondly, I'm curious if there's any intent to ever make UGC characters compatible with demorecord. Right now, if you make a custom character in the foundry, it simply doesn't show up after you demorecord the mission.

I've done some tests, and some pretty entertaining machinma could be made with these two features being added.
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01-03-2013, 02:20 PM
In the Reputation system will we see additional tiers past T5? Will faction ships (Borg, Romulan, Captured KDF/Fed ships for the opposing side (Fed in a KDF ship, KDF in a fed ship) be made available? If you make a section 31 faction can we get a universal cloaking console?
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01-03-2013, 02:22 PM
Hi, Dan can you confirm or deny if

1) Will we have true AUTO-PILOT by December 31, 2013?
2) Will we have ON-SHIP MISSIONS, by December 31, 2014--on our OWN ships?
and / or
3) Will we have true 3D-SPACE FLIGHT by December 31, 2015?

The above is the TLDR version. I put in some details below:


I tell the ship's computer to go to Vulcan but it STOPS at a battle and asks if I want to engage or it STOPS at a merchant and ask if I want to trade, or it STOPS at a sector wall and ask if I wish to cross over. No, no, no, computer. I said Vulcan and meant it. Stop sightseeing and get me to my destination, please. I know work is being down to lower the sector wall completely. Fine and good, but until then we could still have sector walls, only when the ship needs to cross sectors, it automatically does so. Now if you want to get fancy and give us the option to turn on or off to skip waypoints, battles, merchants, etc. then I wouldn't object.


Not just the one-off, Featured Episode variety, or where one of the awesome Foundry authors have to specially make one, but I mean regular on-ship missions based on the ship we're on--be it a starship or a shuttlecraft, because some episodes did take place on them. Just as many episodes of TOS, TNG, VOY, ENT and even some DS9 all took place on-board a ship, many of us Trek and STO fans would look forward to that in-game.


True 3d-space flight lets you do full 360-degree barrel rolls and loop de loops, even if really slowly for the big starships, and much faster for the shuttles and fighter ships. Right now can climb and dive 80 degrees up or 80 degrees down, stopping you from doing a loop de loop. Also you can't barrel roll at all. The closest to it is maybe a 10 degree bank left or right whenever we turn the ship left or right.

Also we should be able to have lateral and "vertical" thrust. Wrath of Khan featured the Enterprise during vertical thrust "up", as if rocket engines in the hull were pushing the ship "upward". Right now we can thrust forward and backward, but not up and down, nor left and right, as if the ship was moving Strafe Left and Strafe Right.

-- Ken from Chicago

P.S. While I listed those in order of which I thought was easiest to implement, my personal preference all things being equal is #1: On-Ship Missions, #2: 3D Space-Flight & #3: Auto-Pilot.
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01-03-2013, 02:22 PM
If you were sitting down to make STO today in 2013, what fundamental changes would you make to the game, changes that could only be made (or much easier to implement) if the game were being made from scratch?
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01-03-2013, 02:22 PM
Are there any future plans on letting us craft Star Ships?
Or craft special parts for Star ships?
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