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Before season 7 launched, my tactical character had all the full omega set mark 12. I had all the Elite STFS optionals completed. The only thing I had missing was the 2 normal optionals.

Was running through STFs to finish those off, thinking once completed I would get my costume unlock, plus the Adaptive Omega set missions in the reputation system.

However that was not the case. Looks like I needed the entire maco set too to get the costume unlock, plus in order to get the adaptive omega set, I have to rebuy the Omega set through the reputation system.

Is this correct? And if so why is that the case? I am so very close to give up on STO at this moment. I can see that you need both sets to get the exclusive unlocks ? fine. But if I have the set already, and what is in the reputation system is really exactly the same, and I need to get it again for no apparent reason - that is plain stupid. Very very stupid and very very frustrating.

This is my first negative post about this game, that?s how angry I am at this moment.

Please tell me I missed something obvious and this is not the case.
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01-03-2013, 10:02 PM
If you got the ground sets before Season 7, then you should get the costume unlock. You might be looking at the wrong area for your costume unlock. There is a tab on the upper right part of the screen in the tailor. It has options like uniform, Off Duty, Formal, MACO, etc.

There is no Adapted Omega set. There is the adapted MACO set which looks similar to the MACO set and has the same stats as the Honor Guard Mk XII ground set. The adapted MACO set looks like a white version of those holographic guards from the Facility 4028 mission. The adapted Honor Guard has the same stats as the MACO Mk XII ground set and looks similar to the Honor Guard uniform. You need the MACO set to get the Adapted MACO set and the Honor Guard set to get the Adapted Honor Guard set.
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01-03-2013, 10:10 PM
The Mark XI is the armor without helmet, Mark XII is with helmet- what they now call costume 2. Complete all 6 of the pre-season 7 STFs on elite and that gives you a costume unlock- what they now call costume 3. Complete Tier 5 Omega, do the projects for the Adapted MACO (or KHG whichever) set (all three pieces) and you unlock another project that gives you costume 4- the new one.

The Omega armor is the black one (or at least black default) with the motorcycle looking helmet. I've never bothered with that one at all. The accolade hunter in me kinda wants a set of Omega MK XII, but I need the dil for an Armitage first.

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01-04-2013, 04:43 AM
I do have the unlock for the regular mark 12 omega, however since completing the last two normal optionals that i was missing I still dont have the nicer looking omega version. The one i have for example has the shoulder pads that stick up high, versus the beefier ones that are more rounded and closer to the shoulder. Same goes with the halmlet, there is a nicer one once you complete all the elite and normal optionals - which I have now done plus purchased the maco set to complete all the accolades. The only ones I have left are:
Adated Commando
U.F.P. Medal Of Honor
Omega Force Shadow Opperative
Quadra service medal
Vorn service medal

Interesting Note the needed items fo rthe Shadow Opperative I think I have completed, not sure why I don't ahve that accolade.

So I should have the full Omega unlock, not just the basic - correct? This is what is frustrating. Someone told me that I won't get it unless I rebuy the set again through the reputation system.

Also I noticed that there is a MACO style costume update 2 and 3 in the reputation system, however there are none for the omega. At least for me.

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01-04-2013, 02:07 PM
Alright, the problem here is cryptic went and messed with the accolades. There are now two copies of every single title/costume unlock accolade. Pre-season seven (the old copy), the accolade granted the title and the costume unlock. Post-seasons seven, a new accolade was added and the old accolades were made impossible to get or complete. This new version only unlocks the title and the costume must be bought with dilithium. (Really cryptic? That's cheap considering how much the gear costs. Was that really needed?)

Now, this presents a second problem. The new accolade only triggers on the acquisition of a gear piece. For example, my character had the Omega Mk XI Armor and Shield, but needed the weapon to finish the accolade. I got the weapon post-season seven and the accolade only listed the weapon as acquired. The workaround to this is to sell the weapon pieces to a NPC vendor in the game and then go to the "buy back" tab to reclaim. Because you have acquired a set piece, it triggers the accolade.

Important Note: If you beam up, warp out, or otherwise leave the map (i.e. logout) the set piece will be gone permanently. Ensure that your internet connection is stable and do not put your character in any queues while you do this or you will risk having to rebuy the gear.
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01-04-2013, 03:06 PM
I agree with you in regards to the paying for 2 sets to get one. Very frustrating.

But just for clarification:
1) The adapted sets are only MACO (fed), and Honor Guard (KDF). The gear is basically the cross faction gear. So Adapted MACO is simply the honor guard set for Feds. Adapted honor guard is simply the MACO set for KDF.

2) There is no Adapted Omega set. Omega set is already available to BOTH factions.

3) In order to get the adapted MACO or honor guard set, you must first own the regular MACO or honor guard set. THIS is where my big complaint is. If you don't own MACO set, you cannot buy the Adapated MACO set. Why is this the case? Why should I be forced to buy a set that I don't want in order to buy the set that I do want. It's double dipping.
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01-04-2013, 05:27 PM
Glad I'm not the only one that noticed this.

Thanks for that tip on cell and buying back will see how that goes.

Well that was worth a try. I sold my entire OMEGA set mark XII and bought it back but nothing happened. Remember I had the entire set before season 7, i just didnt have the normal optionals, that gave the accolade that was needed for another accolade - I think.

I think Im going to give up on the omega set and just work on the maco since I do have the costume options available in the reputation system.

this is stupid - thanks for the help guys. If anyone has something else I can try please let me know.

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01-04-2013, 07:08 PM
The normal optionals only give an accolade and title so they don't count towards getting a costume unlock. It is the elite optionals that grant the the extra costume options. So if you have all the elite optionals done, then you might just need to do a costume unlock at Tier 5.
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01-04-2013, 07:35 PM
Thing that gets me....Someone starts from scratch.

That's 100,000 Marks plus 1750 and 27,000 thousand dilithium for a costume. Just the one base level entry Mk12. That is already a crapload of of time and energy invested in this. And S7 has brought out all the 'tards playing STFs. PUGs are virtually unplayable now without having to build around other peoples inadequacies.

So you spend that crap ton of Marks plus Dilithium to get your fancy new suit. Buuuutttt to get the adapted set you have have to do it again. get that second suit, you need to do the optionals on ground elite. First, it already coasts two damn much. Second, the people doing this for the really cool armor are doing it because they couldn't stand the ground combat before and they still can't stand it. I'd rather gargle broken glass then play those ground STFs on elite with the optionals because ground combat just sucks in this game.

But to top it all off, for those of us who unlocked the Omega 12 set. Its bugged of coarse, no helmet. You know if I'm standing in line and I crap in my pants, I don't wait for the guy behind me to tell me it happened. I take care of it myself. Beta testing is the same way. You test the product before making it live so people don't get pissed off or smell your crap.

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