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I have an Orion character whose outfits seem to be taking defaults/bugging out rather than what I have chosen for her.

About two days or so ago, I logged in on her to find her wearing Omega gear, which makes sense as I had it unlocked on her back before reputation was introduced. I had made three outfits for her with Orion options, KDF Honor Guard options, and Omega options.

For whatever reason, though, each of these appears on my screen to be defaulting to options I have not selected.

For example, I had picked, as I recall, mostly white and black colors for the Omega and HG costume pieces, but this does not show through. HG pieces with default colors appear for some portions of the Omega set.

What really is bugging me, however, is that the Orion outfit looks like a default/ugly HG getup whenever I try to put it on.

I should note that none of these looks incorrect in the tailor, only in the game world. I have tried making a minor change, saving, and then making a minor change back to each with no effect.

Interestingly, the summoned copies of her when using the Shard of Possibilities appear correct.

These costume issues were not present when I last played this character (probably April/June), and so far I have not experienced this on any other character on my account.

Any clues/suggestions?
I have the orion set saved, and loading from that save file in any of the slots does not change what I end up seeing, oddly enough. I did that with HG outfit's slot to no effect and then re-made the HG set again with no effect.
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Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 180
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01-06-2013, 12:55 PM

I had not realized that all of the STF armors now have their own visuals, like Fed-side armor, in addition to the costume unlocks. Why this only affected one of my characters I do not know, but mea culpa for not realizing this had gone into effect since I had last played.

All is sorted now.
equal parts cynical and helpful

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