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# 1 List of Chat Channels
01-05-2013, 10:36 AM
One of the lovely features of STO is that the players can self-organize and create their own chat channels for various purposes. The problem is, there is no list anywhere that lets the players know what channels are available. If it weren't for the fact that other players will sometimes discuss these channels in Zone chat, nobody would ever know about channels like REDALERT, DOFFJOBS, PublicSTF, TTS, etc..

We need a simple UI, accessible from the chat settings, that displays a list of all chat channels that are in the game. (Important caveat: There should be a privacy setting that channel owners can set that will hide their channel from this list).

Heck, the work is already half-done for you with the Channels tab of the Chat Configuration which currently displays every channel you are subscribed to. All this window needs is a listing and search feature that is similar to the Find Fleet tab in the Social window.
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