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# 1 Future of SW games and EA
05-23-2013, 01:18 PM
While the notice EA's near-exclusive star wars game license is old now.

I don't think that it would be a general success at best, EA's historial of marketing and selling desappointing games is striking.

while no really a bad news, the probability of a "Succesful" star wars game of EA is fairly low.
most of the specullations of a new SW game is a future Battlefront 3 using frostbite engine, I am not very fond with shooters but battlefront has a special place in my heart, but they really gonna make a Battefront or similar? is possible.
A Republic Commando? maybe not, but similar its possible.
But I prefer RTS myself.

Star Wars Empire at War is still a great RTS game despide being released in 2006-2007, having both land and space battle. With an extended list of mods, one could re-create the battles from the movies and more, now with EA holding the license they could EASELY make a RTS of the same tier. but they are fond in the RTS genre? I don't know, Victory is making C&C, a F2P "MMORTS" fans are ragings, furious, mad, on this. wanting that game to be single-player oriented instead of a MMO.
is Victory(Bioware's splinter group) a good develope team? Basically, I don't know, probarbly they'll make a spin-off of "Old Republic", an MMORTS version of it, where we can control fleets and soldiers, but no really affecting the actual MMORPG of bioware. but is really gonna happend? I don't think so, but something similar may occur.

I prefer to stay neutral instead of getting mad about it, yes, EA is probarbly a bad company, but, there are very good games and are from that company.

what is your opinion of this? please discuss, let your thought here.

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