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I have been working on fleet stuff for a while now and haven't paid much attention to my ship build. For a long time I was running a Defiant and was quite happy. This past weekend I decided to check out how my DPS was holding up. Usually I would see myself at about 2k (using combatlogparser.jav) which was usually good enough to a comfortable #2 in PvE PUGs back in the olden days.

This weekend I was shocked to see that 2k is nothing now. #2 people are usually around 3-4k, number 1's are up over 6k. A little freaked out I checked the forums and read up on A2B builds for cruisers and decided it was time to move back to my Odyssey. I tried to come as close as I could to what I saw in the forums, but apparantly I'm missing something. My A2B beam Cruiser does get me up arounds 2k like my Defiant, but I'm still way behind the power curve on what I see other people do as far as DPS. I ran Crystaline Entity about five times last night and the best I could get was 6th out of 10.

Could someone give me some tips on the getting respectable damage these days? I don't need to be #1, I'm staying with my Fed character so I don't want to change out the Odyssey, I would just like to not be embarassed in PvE. If I could increase my DPS about 30-40% just so I'm not in the bottom half it would be great.

Tactical Systems -
SSAP +6, SSEW +6, SSM, +6, SSS +3, DDEWS +6
SSWT +6, SSPW +6, SSTS+4, SSTC+0, SSPWS +6

Engineering Systems -
DC +3, SI +6, SSEPS +6, SSEP+6, SSAR +6
SSB +3, SSSR +5, SSIT+6, SSHP+3, SSAP +3
SSHR +4, SSWCE +3, SSWCP +6, SSSP +6, SSWP +3

Science and Ops -
SSFC +3, SSPI +3, SSGG+3, SSID +6, SSCS +0
SSSE +3, SSSS+6, SSPG +3, SSS +6, SSSD +0

Odyssey Operations Cruiser (109 Weap, 68 Shield, 35 Engine, 35 Batt)

Weapons - Fore - 3x AP Beam XII (VR), Quantum Torp XII (VR)
Weapons - Aft - 3x AP Beam XII (VR), Kinetic Cutting Beam XII (VR)

Def/Imp/Shields - Borg Mk XI (VR), Warp - Deut Mk X (R)

Engineering Consoles - 3x Neut Alloy Mk XII (VR), Plasma Dist Mk XII (VR), RCS Acc Mk XI (R)

Science Consoles - 3x Field Gen Mk XII (R)

Tactical Consoles - 2x AP Mag Mk XII (VR)

Stations -
LtC Engineer - Eng Team 1, A2B 1, DEM 2
Esn Tac - BFAW 1
Lt Tac - BFAW 1, AttP Beta 1
Cdr Engineer - Eng Team 1, EmP2W 1, A2B 2, RSP 3
Lt Science - Sci Team 1, Jam Sensors 2

Tech x2 (R), Tech x1 (VR), Marion x1 (VR), Maintence Eng x1 (VR)
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02-18-2014, 09:53 AM
I can see your problems, your ship and skills (tree and BOs) are off. So first thing to know: A2B is nothing for the Ody, sure you can do it, but in the end its more a handycap then a powerboost. The thing is, you do A2B for two reasons: 1. to get all CDs to global and 2. (closely related to the 1.) to virtually double all your tac skills. Now, your CDs are on global, but your Tacskills are worse then they could be. Its not really good to have a APB1 all the time, if you can have both a APB1 and APB2.
So ill just link my build, its easier to explain that way

First off, dont let the shiny fleet and rep gear blind you. Even if all of it were just mk xi blue, it would be a very good ship. My build is also good for tanking, and if you dont have some consoles, stuff in what you have (field gen etc.)

Its very durable due to EptS3 and Aux2Sif3. For offense, it has 2 Tacs, especially a lt.cmd. tac, which grants you higher versions of FAW and APB. And higher is better. Since my tac abilities are rendundant, they are on global cd, even though they have different version, but well, still better then yours (you only have the lowest version avaiable). A cmd. eng is all you need for tanking, as long as you dont stand right between 6 taccubes in hive and faw. But then nothing would help for an extended period of time^^
For bridge officer skills per se I would advice you to take my layout, its pretty much optimal for defence&offence together. Doffs are in the description (you could also use the ens.uni as tac with tactical team, then you wont need doffs for tactical team and can use whatever you like).
(Why no DEM and marion? well, if i use a ody its not primarly for dps (which nowadays mean more than 20k^^ even though a friend of mine did that with a eng on a ody), so i wont to take the heat of other ppl, and secondly dem and marion doesnt really increase your dmg that much. its like a percentage, so if you use it with a 2k build it wont be very effective. If you use it on 30k+builds (Tac avengers, scimitars and so on) the difference is notable, but i still think of it as nice to have and not must-have. since its absolutely not a must have.)

Your weapons are fine, but kill the torp (if its not the regent 180?-torp which would be ok if you insist on a torp).

If you have the tactical Ody, use it. The difference in dps is given, but there is no downside in durability. A techconsole more or less doenst hurt you, but a tac consoles more really hurts your targets (if you dont have the tac ody, just use what you have)
If you want to fly AP-Weapons,fly with them (before you ask if you should switch, no dont, use what you have, because a change of weapons will not give you much more dps).

But whats important: kick the RCS Console and the plasma distributor, they are useless on an Ody. Instead get a plasmonic leech (exchange, very pricy but gives you +8 energy for each systems if you dont have flow capacitators skilled, and +16 if you have maxed them, and thats very very much energy). And get the assimilated module from Omega Rep.
Since Borgshield is a bit weak, I would change it to a elite fleet shield or the adapted maco shield, but keep the mk xi assimilated engine and deflector (a upgrade is not needed and its 2pc-set-bonus is very strong).

And well, ship-configuration is never finished, with each new repsystem, all build are again work in process, but with this you should be able to increase you dps quite a bit.

P.S.: Since you use AP-Weapons, try the obelisk 2pc-set consisting of warpcore and omnidirectional beam from the episode sphere of influence. It gives +10% ap-damage flat, which is even better as a full AMP (from fleet elite warpcores), or for comparison, its better then a tactical console (tconsoles add to base damage, so its weaker then someting adding flat)

PWE proudly presents STO:Season 9.x: The Big Nerf.
Dil-sinks, EC-Value-Nerf and player satisfaction Nerf (a.k.a. Crafting Revamp), join the most epic grind ever avaiable in STO...

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02-18-2014, 10:05 AM
I'd use the build given above with some minor changes.

Swap the Emergency Powers and drop A2Sif for Dem3 - EPTS1,RSP, EPTW3,DEM3

With 2 HE1 and borg hull proc that's all you should need for STFs.

Also 2 VR damage control doffs to cycle EPTX constantly.

With these changes you should be able to Crack 10k dps granted you fly aggressively in STFs.

The best way to support Pugs in STFs is bring your own damage and not rely on them for the optionals.

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