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1. I have sent in several tickets over the past year trying to get this fixed. When you hold inspection for the Bekks there is no way to complete an inspection if one or more of the Bekks have all their gear in order. (No problems with uniform, Boots, insignia ect.) I suggest adding a way to congradulate the Bekk to complete the inspection for him or her, then the inspection as a whole can be completed. Even though it is only 6 fleet marks I do not want to waste my time or effort to be jipped out of the completion for the Station Duty officer assignment.

2. This is another problem that I have turned in multiple tickets about and no fix yet. New Romulus embassy duty officer assignment escort Klingon dignitary from jump gate to beam down point. Unable to complete due to timer running out. I have tried leading and following within 2k and still the timer runs out. Do away with timer and make it like the starbase Klingon dignitary mission they follow you until he beams down and the mission is completed then you can turn in completed mission to the embassy and Starbase duty officer. Another waste of time and effort for 6 fleet marks.
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