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I'm not very good at remembering stories, especially stories that play out over 100's of missions.

I have a really good idea for STO. How about as you play through the missions there is a section on your character or mission screen that fills in over time. This section would detail the story as you go along completing missions, so that people like me who forget what is happening would have something to look at and follow. Eventually you would complete the story at endgame and receive an accolade. I think this is a really good idea of mine and i'd like to submit it to the devs but i'm not sure how?

Let me know what you think.
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01-06-2013, 03:40 AM
That would require STO to actually have a coherent story.
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01-06-2013, 04:22 AM
Haven't really touch the Klingon story even though I have a Gorn Captain and get a ton of fleet invites the moment I get on the dood.

Fed perspective: Bare minimum edition

-Klingons are chasing the Undine and attack.
You hunt down Undine until you are pulled away to hunt the Devidians and stop them.
-You save the the timeline and are now drawn towards the Romulans.
-You learn of the civil war and are tasked to look into it as they are touching borg tech.
-You learn about what caused the events of JJverse to happen and plan to stop them.
-After some roundabout adventuring you help the Remans live after learning of the Iconians.
-You end the civil war and break the gates after Queen Sila(?) is taken away.
-Obisek thanks you, a few Remans join the federation and you part ways for now.
-You are then unknowingly asked to partake in some experiments due to Section 31.
-You are then asked to help put an end to the True Way which have stolen ships and weapons to build a rebellion.
-You learn that the Undine are involved and try to put an end to their plan.
-You are asked to attend a meeting of factions to talk about the borg threat.
-The Dominon lost in the worm hole appears and takes DS9. Everyone flees to Bajor and plans are made to retake DS9. You learn that they won't listen to you unless a founder is present.
-You go to seek the Dominion's aid and they ask for their god to be released after promising to help you.
-The Jem'Hadar feel that they lost their honor and can only regain it in combat. You go to DS9 and retake it, Mission Impossible style.
-Sometime after that you are asked to join the anti borg fleet. Q's son, Q, toys with you.
-The Defari asks you to escort them seeing as you are Captain Planet and try to keep the fact that the Breen will attack them under wraps.
-Breen attacks seeking knowledge of technology of old.
-You help the Defari and gather the maps to the Preservers. You also find a few Breen who wish to join the federation. You find and protect the preservers, kill the Breen big bad and get a Breen friend. Defari love you in a balanced way
-You are then sent to deal with Undine again.

I haven't touched the Undine missions yet so I don't know much about it.
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01-06-2013, 05:56 AM
Originally Posted by xigbarg View Post

I haven't touched the Undine missions yet so I don't know much about it.
- you go into fluidic space - undine home, cause you wanna TALK To them
- they don't like you and they do not understand english
- you find, however, a race of poor bastards living in the fluidic space which is also opressed by the undine
- you take a telepath with you and try it again, only to fail = again
- you get some nice rewards and the fluidic space looks good on screenshots
- you will never know what happens next cause cryptic has not invented it yet
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01-06-2013, 06:03 AM
Someone needs to add this compressed storyline to the sto wiki
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01-06-2013, 06:23 AM
Thanks for the summary guys. I think it would be nice if they did this in game though like i said. There should be a section for it.
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01-06-2013, 06:25 AM
uhhh Iconions dressed up as Humans and shot Undine.....

Undine decide to try and kill everyone....

Mirror Universe Terran Empire pops in a few times...

Something called a Deferi is being killed by Breen...

Undine abduct sulu.....

Borg do stuff....

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01-06-2013, 06:33 AM
The Defari asks you to escort them seeing as you are Captain Planet
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- A long while ago, the Dewans somehow became a servant race to the Iconians
- The Iconian Empire was crushed by the species the Iconians had subjugated. New Romulus suffered heavy bombardment, the surviving Dewans fled into undderground caves.
- A few tens of thousands of years later, the Dewans tried to make sense of Iconian technology, which didn't work out... shortly after that, the Dewans died out.

- On their journey to Romulus, the non-logic-abiding Vulcans/Proto-Romulans made a stop of several months (or more?) on New Romulus and learned about some of the above.

Oh, and the New Romulus Faction accepts help from Your Captain to pacify Tau Dewa and build a new home.
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01-06-2013, 11:10 AM
My Overall Summary of STO: Everybody being pissed off at the Federation (or the Klingons) for one thing or another.

Longer summary:

Klingons angry at the Federation for butting in their business.

Starfleet being angry at the Klingon Empire for being bullies.

Romulans blame the Federation for Romulus going boom, and angry at Klingons for stepping on their lawn. Then all is miraculously forgiven when the Romulans find a new home.

Devidans want snacks, but somehow you create a paradox where you blow up a comet in the past to stop them, yet it's still there in the future.

Hirogen, wants to fight.

True Way, a bunch of angry militants who got fired and bullies people.

Dominon just looks at us funny.

Breen just don't like anyone, wants toys.

Mirror Universe people got anger issues just want to conquor the Prime universe for some reason.

Undine hates everyone.

Borg say Hi.

Iconians want to piss off everyone and get their toys back.

In the future:

Kazon angry with Federation for not sharing toys 30 years ago.

Vidians angry for being cured.

Vaadwaur angry for being caught.

Krenim angry for people stopping them from ruining time.

Hur'q angry for being in hiding for some reason and blaming the Federation (or the Klingon Empire).

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