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There's obviously some new sets and weapons been introduced for the new reputation systems that you unlock as you progress. But whereas before we could go to DS9 and see the stats for all the different weapons and sets, this doesn't seem to be available in any form now?

So how do we find out if a set or weapon is worth building without having to build it? How do we find the new sets and weapons stats out?
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01-06-2013, 06:44 AM
The requisition projects (where you actually buy something i.e. the Borg Console) have a tiny icon in the project panel that shows you the stats for whichever item it is - you can see this before you commit to a project.

For store unlocks, there's no way to know what's in there until you've unlocked it - and whilst store unlocks don't cost Dilithium, they do require a small amount of Marks/Expertise/Commodities.
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Thanks i will have a look. Yeah i wasn't talking about stuff you buy in the c store, just the things you build once youve unlocked them through the reputation system.
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These links should help.


Not all of the Mk levels are catalogued, but the Mk XIIs definitely are, so it'll give you an idea what to expect should you want to get Mk X or XI.
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01-06-2013, 08:34 AM
Thanks very much that's great.

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