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I would like to be able to buy a 5 tactical console raptor

Federation has the tactical escort retrofit with 5 tactical consoles and cloak so I think it would be only fair that kdf have a similar escort .

I have to mention that even if somebody puts another tactical console to the current raptor the new ship will be under the federation escort due to it lower turning rate .

Actually to be fair enough kdf should be able to buy a raptor having the same turning ratio as federation escort and with 5 tactical consoles .

Lately i noticed that all powerfull escorts are only federation (Patrol Escort,HEC,Steamrunner).
Not to mention Vesta wich is quite powerful ship.
I think it is not fair toward Kdf players.

I am willing to pay for that raptor and I bet there are more others who whould pay for such a ship .

Why Cryptic is loosing money by not giving us the opportunity to have such ship ?
(As I mentioned just in pair with what federation players have and use )

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