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So I had an idea since we're not REALLY supposed to recreate actor likenesses but Cryptic does have permissions on some:

Give the Photonic MACO some company in the Lobi store or via similar means, such as rare additions to DOff packs. With the "Superior Photonic Lifeform" traits.

And include:

Photonic Spock Replica (with some of Leonard Nimoy's BO voiceover we heard back in BETA)
Photonic McCoy Replica
Photonic Scotty Replica
Photonic "Bonnie Kins" Defective EMH Replica
Photonic Obisek
Photonic Hakeev
Photonic Worf (in at least two variants, modern and classic)
Photonic J'mpok
Photonic Quinn
Photonic Donatra
Photonic Rebecca Simmons
Photonic Leeta
(Some of the DOffs like Berlinghoff Rasmussen, Rain Robinson, Isis, and Ducane come to mind too)

(Alternatively, I could see perhaps where a lockbox or DOff pack with no ship grand prize but a lot of somewhat less rare but powerful "named" Bridge Officers would be nice. Perhaps a Holodeck-themed DOff pack expansion? I think rare BOs as a chance from DOff packs -- especially if some have space traits -- is a nice way to spike the sales of those up, especially as more people max out all their DOff categories.)

And a Photonic Tasha Yar with Denise Crosby voiceover, free during the 3rd anniversary event with mission and available for Lobi or similar acquisition later.

One idea as well might be to take a cue from the Winter event and assign a special "Photonic Replica" BO each month. Run a daily, get 40 "Photonic Spock/Worf/etc. Code Fragments." It's a different code fragment set offered for in-game play each month. You can always buy a "Worf/Spock/etc. Code Fragment Bundle" containing 2-6 code fragments for 5 Lobi.

600 Code Fragments of the appropriate type gets you the BO. (Basically, play for around half the days in any given month.)

Maybe the daily to get code fragments involves doing to Drozana and defragging their holodeck, which would basically just be playing the combo locking puzzle from "Hearts and Minds" maybe on a timer but repeatable if you fail.
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# 2
01-06-2013, 01:21 PM
hmm do we really need a army of insane bonnie kins hoograms ? :O

+1 anyway.. more content

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# 3
01-06-2013, 01:29 PM
oooh shiny. I like shiny. Sounds pretty fun actually.

Also this would encourage side sales of increased Boff slots even if some of the photonic officers were made available for free.
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01-06-2013, 02:35 PM
i've always felt that the appearances of Canon characters were rather forced, bland, and rather meh. Giving players control over Canon characters would be even worse.

I do not look forward to "Spock Trains" on ESD.

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