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01-07-2013, 05:55 PM
I do agree with one aspect of this, I am not incredibly thrilled that stf weapons were removed from the game, yes I know the proc was broken, but it should have been fixed, or modified/replaced with something else, there should still be mk 12 space weapons from omega rep/doing stfs

Yes I know there are fleet weapons, but sometimes its hard to wrestle with your fleet to get the provisioning projects slotted when they don't like to run them, so I prefer to get my gear on my own when I can, and currently the only ones you can get at the moment are from the romulan rep, which is fine if you are aiming for a plasma build, but not if you want another energy type, so its a bit of a problem

So I am not in the "lazy and wants a one click to get weapon" type, but I want more mk 12 space weapons to be earnable within the rep systems ((task force omega rep, and whatever other reputations are added in the future)) Even if its one faction for plasma, one faction for polaron, one faction for antiproton, etc etc
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01-07-2013, 06:15 PM
I wouldn't want everything personally handed to me on a plate. But the whole switch over to the reputation system I think was poorly done. For people with families that may only get 5-6 hours of gaming a week, it's a pretty steep jump.

There are certain games I've played in the past and you know it's a game that involves alot of heavy grinding. However with STO, things get changed all the time. One minute you got someone who only has a few hours a week to play and can get lucky with a few items in an STF, then get the gear they want. To going to having to put alot of time in.

I think having the Fleet Projects scaled in size to fleets would definately be fair to the smaller fleets out there, as with all the Reputation stuff on the side it's alot of dilithium to go through. I don't have an issue with earning the dilithium myself personally, but I think alot of the targets are pretty steep in comparison to pre-season 7. My fleet isn't massive and we're trying to focus on Non-Dilithium projects only at the moment, but still some of us are struggling with the refinement cap.

It's always easy to say, "Don't do that stuff then", but at the same time what would be the point if your not trying to enjoy all the game has to offer and especially when it changes so drastically. The Fleet Projects, Reputations system are all excellent ideas and it does guarantee people getting their gear (I got an entire Maco X ground set for my Engi today which probably would have taken me longer on the old system) but at the same time it has been poorly implemented.

I feel at times the whole dilithium system should be removed because it hasn't been implemented very well in my opinion. Definately bring back the MKXII space gear you could get before and fix the projects for fleet starbases, a scaling system would be great to have especially for small fleets (Yes I know people could join bigger fleets, but sometimes you lose that fun social aspect when you've got hundreds of people and it's not for everyone).

Still, theres alot of promise for this game, let's hope Season 8 gives this game a push in the right direction and is implemented alot better.

"We're doing it wrong, but it's working...."
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Originally Posted by stephane2258 View Post
I found some other frustrations with season 7. I finally finished the Omega reputation! I was thinking that I could finally complete my MK XII weaponry. Surprise, the anti-borg space weapon don't exist anymore. I read a few post mentioning to use fleet weapon instead, but we are a small fleet and don't have enough to equip all characters of every players. And with the reputation project, many people don't contribute to the base, or barely, so it don't help.
You can buy blue Mk XII gear off the exchange for a few hundred thousand that is the equivalent of the old Borg gear. It literally takes a couple hours to make enough credits. It doesn't get much easier.

To add to it, the kit that were previously free when you got the right item, now cost 1000 Omega mark and 34000 dilitiums. I don't have too much problem with 1000 marks, since you needed to do a lot of STF before to get it. But 34000 dilitiums!!!!!
They weren't free then were they, unless you are one of those hapless fools that doesn't realize time is a form of currency. It could often takes hundreds of hours to get a complete set of drops

To add to it again, they create a new Adapted MACO kit. Could you have found a more confusing name???? OK, it's partly my fault, I didn't check correctly and bought the Adapted MACO engine, not with one, but 2 of my characters. So now what, I have to start anew.

Since season 7, I was playing without much fun nor conviction. Especially having to start from 0 for the Omega reputation was really a pain. But now, I will continue to play just because I have put too much money and time in that game to quit. I regret my lifetime subscription that I took less than a year ago. I will probably never trust any other game enough to take one again.

There is only 2 good things in season 7, the little buff that you get with the reputation projects and New Romulus. And for the latest, it's assuming you have time to spend and don't care that the reward/time ratio is not very good.
And the new space zone, and the new planet, and all the new rep skills, and all the new rep gear... Etc etc

My only hope now, is that season 8 will be much better. A lot of people don't play a lot. or not at all, since season 7. If season 8 continue in the same way, their will not be a season 10, the game will die.
Odd, my queues still pop just as quickly as they ever did. Maybe all the people who hate season 7 and quit playing just play in a very specific time slot that I never log for, or you're your just full of it.
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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
Odd, my queues still pop just as quickly as they ever did. Maybe all the people who hate season 7 and quit playing just play in a very specific time slot that I never log for, or you're your just full of it.
Most of the people who say stuff like people aren't playing or the population has dropped mean, "10 or so people I know personally have cut their playtime or stopped playing, DOOOOM!"

This thread reminds me of one a few months after CO went F2P claiming that F2P had failed because the amount of Millennium City zones had dropped to half of what it was a week after F2P. He stopped when people pointed out 2 points, to which I'll add a third and fourth related to them.
  1. F2P games have a higher attrition rate than normal MMOs due to more people picking it up due to it's free nature.
  2. Just because a few people you know have stopped playing doesn't mean that 10 people everyone knows have stopped playing.
  3. Some players burn through content and then leave until the next update, people have recently begun posting that they've finished Tier 5 of both Rom and Omega Rep
  4. Just because numbers in a certain zone have dropped doesn't mean that all zones have suffered the same drop, most players will in fact have moved to new zones.

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