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# 1 Temporal Science Vessel Help
01-18-2013, 09:03 PM
So this is my first time actually posting on the forums though I'm not new to the game. I've been enjoying my temp science vessel alot, and it seems to do well in pve, but I noticed it doesn't really have the dps I'm looking for and is lack luster in pvp. Hoping you might be able to help. Here is my build.

Captain=Science Officer Liberated borg.

Ship - Temporal Science vessel.

Stations -

Lt. Commander Universal - Tac - Torp spread, Cannon Rapid Fire 1, Attack pattern Beta 2

Lt. Universal - Eng - Emergency to Shields 1, Engineering Team 2

Ensign Engineering - Emergency to Shields 1

Commander Science - Polarize Hull, Science Team 2, Feedback Pulse 2, Viral Matrix 3

Lt. Science - Tractor Beam 1, Hazard Emitters 2

Fore Weapons

Temporal Distortion Device, Chroniton Dual Beam Array, Antiproton Beam Array Mk X

Aft Weapons

3xAntiproton Turret [CrtH] [Dmg]x2

Deflector Dish - Graviton Deflector Array Mk X [PrtG] [Em] [Gra]

Engine - Jem'Hadar Engines Mk XI

Shields - Regenerative Shield Array Mk II [Dis] [Pha] [Pol]

Devices - Subspace Field Mod, Large Shields Batteries, Scorpion Fighters


Engineering - 2x Neutronium Alloy Mk X (blue), Monotanium Alloy Mk XI (Purple)

Science - Tipler Cylinder, Manhiem Device, Tachyokentic Converter, Subspace Jump

Tactical - 2x Antiproton Mag Mk X (rare), Isometric Charge

I don't have access to any sets yet as my reputation isn't very high as I just got this character to Vice Admiral. Any Advice will be appreciated though as I will be able to get those later. For now I would like more advice on what is readily available though. Thank you for your time.
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01-18-2013, 10:15 PM
First thing: replace that fore Beam Array with a DBB or single Cannon, you don't need the arc of the array with a ship as agile as the Wells, or for that matter with a Recon or even Deep Space, and that's even more true with the massive buff you get from the Tachyokinetic Converter. Then pick the weapon ability that goes with that weapon (CRF/CSV if you choose single cannon, FAW/BO if you choose DBB), I just checked and that should net you the best DPS. Either way you'll get a definite improvement on the DPS you're currently getting.

For your abilities, FBP is very lackluster, if you replace it with one of the other offensive sci abilities you'll probably be happier (GW is invaluable for PvE, you should never be without it, for PvP maybe a shield drain or Energy Siphon). Eng Team is also significantly weaker than Aux2SIF, particularly on a sci ship which runs high Aux anyway, and you really want a Tac Team to clear Assimilate Ship in STFs and simply for the shield redistribution. You might also want to think about keeping separate tac boffs for PvP and PvE, because while APB is superb in PvE, my understanding is that it gets cleared very quickly in PvP because everyone runs TT, often chaining it. For PvP APO gives the best damage buff you'll get, and also breaks tractor beams, which could even replace PH, allowing you to put something better in that slot (maybe drop ST to 1 and get a TSS2? Or something offensive if you don't need extra heals).

Finally, drop the Subspace Jump console, you don't need it, and drop one of the armors and move Isometric Charge into that slot. That will allow you your full complement of damage boosting tac consoles, which you should never be without if you want to actually deal damage. For the other slot, get the Zero Point Energy Conduit from Rom Rep, and maybe replace another armor with the Assimilated Module from Omega, both boost your crits, but the Rom one does more (until you get them you could use sci consoles to boost the ability you choose).

That's all short term. You will ultimately want to get better set stuff, probably either full MACO or MACO shield with the other 2 Borg. You could also go 3 piece Borg, but you do lose shield strength that way.

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