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why you no have improved shields?

The text on the ship when I bought it said that: "Fleet starships are built to the highest standard and have increased hull hit points, shield strength and an additional console slot."

Now, granted, before I purchased it, I saw that the shield modifier had not been improved from the original .9 to the .99 as seen on the fleet advanced escort, but I figured "surely it is a text error..." Well, sure enough, I take my brand new, shiny (literally, thanks to the fleet hull), fleet tactical escort retrofit out for a spin and... same shields as the normal tactical escort retrofit. (I have them both and switched back and forth to be sure.)

Does the ship have increased hull hit points? Yes. Does the ship have an additional console slot? Yes. Increased shield strength? No.

So, in short, I'm hoping someone with the ear of cryptic's Mount Olympus (the devs) will stumble across this, or at least someone who can tell me where to write/what category to send a ticket under in-game/whatever I'm supposed to do to report the error so that this can be resolved. Preferably, by increasing the modifier and not by removing ",shield strength" from the ship information.

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