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# 1 Tric mine B'rel
01-06-2013, 03:45 PM
I've been asked by a friend to help her build a tric mine bop, now I have a few ideas but I have only ever built 1 BoP... ever (On a side note however it does perform at the same level as an eng/scort). I told her to roll a tac for it

So here is what I have in mind right now:

Fore: 3x Cheap energy type though decent DHCs (Likely tets) and a torp launcher (Trics?)
Aft: 2x Tric Mine launcher

Something cheap but good qual until full KHG

Boffs: (Here is where I am really struggling)
CMDR Tac: TT1, CRF 1, AP:O1, DP:B3
LTC Tac/Eng/Sci (Really can't choose): HYT1/TS1 (TS if lvl1 affects trics), CSV1, AP:O1 / EPtE1, EPtA2, Aux2SIF2 (If torps AND mines drop-able while cloaked else 2x EPtS) / PH1, TSS2, HE3 (I have a sci toon who can train this)
LT Tac/Eng/Sci: HYT1/TS1, CSV1 / EPtS1/E/A, Aux2SIF1 / PH1/HE1, TSS2
LT (As last LT)

I'm thinking use the LTC for Sci, 1 Lt for eng and the other Lt for Tac allowing for quick but very painful hit and runs with a good focus on the damage dealing and the escape with a decent heal once cloaked

Eng: Borg, 2x Neutronium
Sci: Something that helps with trics if any sci do else stealth gens
Tac: 3x Tric boost/2xtric and 1 Energy

Play style: Remain cloaked as much as possible dropping high numbers of high powered tric mines only using the energy weapons as a last resort to land a large blow with the forward tric launcher using the disruption effect to escape combat and cloak to recover and wait out the tric cooldowns.

Any and all suggestions and advice welcome
Tacofangs is (genuinely) the best dev ever and the forumites adore him
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# 2
01-06-2013, 04:30 PM
Don't do it - it's a trap!
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# 3
01-06-2013, 04:31 PM
The best option for a tric bomber is a brel...

Honesty playing one energy weapons are a no go if your going to min max for kinetic dmg... honeslty play a brel and stay cloaked...

Here I'll give you my 2 favorite builds... to be honest I don't play the brel tric bomb build as often as I play the standard Quantum kinetic killer version.

Trico Bomber Version

I run 3 Quantums and a Tric up front with 2 mines in rear... 3 Projectile Doffs... and 2 Hazard doffs.
Power settings 25 25 50 100... If I get decloaked I jam, if I have to I use my FULL aux TSS 1 + a Shield Bat until I can recloak... using Brace for impact with 2 hazard doffs... I rarely get caught while cloaking.

I run 2 neuts and a tac crit console (I think I have the lobi one on right now)... 3 flow caps... and I flip flow from quantum and tric dmg consoles. {Edit I think I only run one neut these days I as like the ferengi console for the extra torp / mine dmg}

As you can see its not built to go toe to toe with soemone unless you have the upper hand... Pick your shots and you can kill folk reliably... CPB 2 Tachyon 2 at full aux are better then people think at removing enough shield that a HY 3 round of torps will start hitting hull.

However THIS is my current kinetic brel build... and I find it more fun to fly then the trico bomber... and frankly they are about to get a needed nerf batting so its good to know you have options.

I run 3 Quantums... + harpeng
1 quantum mine... and 1 Breen Cluster in the rear.

Same power settings and a more in your face attack strategy... I close to around 5k tachyon - HY 3 - HY 2 - Scramble - CPB - Shockwave... and in many cases its lights... if not as i pass I launch the Breen cluster... and then as I am still cloaked I setup for run 2 if I need to.

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# 4
01-06-2013, 04:33 PM
Originally Posted by bobtheyak View Post
Don't do it - it's a trap!
Oh noooos.....
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# 5
01-06-2013, 11:28 PM

4 torpedos fore, 2 mines aft
(i have the 3 plasmas, and a tric, or bioneural,+ tric mines/plasma mines = the 3 different plasmas dont share cd
- 2nd build: plasma, quantum, tric, bioneural + same mines)

skill full projectile, full hull, NO SHIELD focusing

i do it with sci, cause i LOVE to throw them gravity wells and TBR is also a nice one..

Tachyon Beam for removing shields if you feel you can live through that, 2x HE

full KHG
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# 6
01-07-2013, 01:11 AM
How do you bind your torps to fire? Just to a random "firetorps" key?

I ask, because when binding it to the spacebar like I might energy weapons - I run into all sorts of problems - the torps won't trigger. If I pop the weapons window open, I can see where it looks like they're going to trigger...but it just doesn't happen. If it does happen, it's after a delay that's not there otherwise.

Because of this, I'll usually end up running a single turret and just binding to fire energy weapons with the torps on auto (keeping the mines on manual).

Is it a case that I'll have to throw in another bind for them?
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# 7
01-07-2013, 01:19 AM
Just bind them this way....

Open a tray you don't use... Say tray 4....

Line up your Torps + mines on the bar.

So lets say I have 3 Quantums... + 1 tric in front
and 2 mines in rear.... I might go something like this

Tray 4
Slot 1 Tric
Slot 2-4 Quantums
Slot 5-6 Mines

/bind space "+trayexec 3 1 $$ +trayexec 3 2 $$ +trayexec 3 3"
{This will now fire my quantums ONLY}

/bind f "+trayexec 3 0"
{this will only fire my tric torp}

/bind e "+trayexec 3 4 $$ +trayexec 3 5"
{This will lay my mines}

At this point you can do pretty much anything you want in any order you want... you can add the mines to your space bar if you want, ect... I always find it useful in my torp boats to have 3 fire keys...and some times I even add a 4th. You for sure can't auto fire in a cloaked torp boat.... a fed sci ship torp boat ya you can just auto fire it unless your doing something special with a long duration torp.
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# 8
01-07-2013, 02:19 AM
I don't use this build to much for pvp as its kind of cheesy but it makes STFs super easy, almost 1 shot Donatra with it.

Here is my B'rel build for a tac captain, Starship Projectile Weapons and Projectile weapon specilization should be maxed, otherwise spec should be like a regular escort captain, and have the t2 romulan crit bonus passive to. It has enough survivability to be able to last long enough to cloak again if decloaked by a tractor beam due to all the engineering and sci heals.

Fore: 1 Quantum, Hargh'Peng, 2x Tricobalt torp
Aft: 2x Tricobalt mine (All weapons [CrtH]x3)

Honor Guard Deflector, Shield, Engines

eng consoles- 3 armor console

sci consoles- Assimilated module, Zero point energy conduit, Tachyokinetic converter

tac consoles- 3x tricobalt consoles

Cmdr tac- TT1, TS2, THY3, DPB3
Lt Cmdr eng-EPTS1, Aux2SIF1, EWP1
Lt eng- ET1, RSP1
Lt sci- PH1, HE2

this build mostly relies just on the mines to do most damage, torps are just there to finish targets off and to fire in between mine laying. It will crit a lot with the 3 consoles and t2 passive giving crit bonus and CrtH x3 weapons. All power should be running to aux and engines.
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# 9
01-07-2013, 03:50 AM
Thanks for the advice guys, I'll have to respec their character as I took the story missions into account but that shouldn't be an issue.
Tacofangs is (genuinely) the best dev ever and the forumites adore him
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# 10
01-07-2013, 03:52 AM
Do not use energy weapons on a B'rel
Torpedos for and maybe a torpedo and mines aft
It's what I used until I got the breen ship

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