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01-08-2013, 10:34 AM
Originally Posted by sekritagent View Post
Some days I wish I didn't have 6 toons (1 per class per faction) with the reputation grind but now I see it definitely keeps me at least passively logging in. I don't see why everyone zoomed to T5 reputation, I'm at T2-3 on 3 of my toons, the other 3 are Tier 1ish right now.

I'd say focus on alts if you have any, or, yeah Foundry and fleet base grinding.
This is a game, not a chore. My main is at T-5 on Omega and close to T-5 on Romulan. My alts will all remain at T-0 unless I start playing one a lot.

After I am done with the reputation system, I am leveling up three more federation characters so that I can use my stipend to buy all the remaining lower-tier federation ships and get the consoles, then I consider this game "beat" and will probably stop logging in, for the most part.
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01-08-2013, 11:08 AM
Remember that the original project time was almost twice as long. S7 was intended to last until May when S8 rolls out.

As for me, I pushed through my main for the cool armor and weapons sets. My alts I'm taking my time with. Most are at T4 now because of the loot box, which I'm fine with because that was my goal. The T4 Omega Graviton Amplifier was what I wanted for the extra punch. Their free marks are dried up now though so I'll play them every once in a awhile. Some days I feel like a carrier and others a escort, maybe I'll make T5 by May, maybe I won't with them but in the end its just casual because I can't stand those STFs anymore.

The odd thing is, I'm happy with the new system and I think its a vast improvement over the old. However, I just don't want to run STFs anymore. Maybe its not having the addiction of "Maybe this is the one!". I dunno, Its nice having a set goal though.

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