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Greetings fellow captains,

My fleet is currently looking into recruiting new federation captains of various ranks. Now, I wish I could present you some super elaborated plan for Galaxy Domination but the truth is, we're really just a bunch of folks enjoying playing together.

While we're mostly a french speaking group, we all speak english and welcome both. We are a casual and laid back group but we do play quite enough to be considered very active and we do want to get our Starbase up and running. We have goals, aspirations and want everyone in our fleet to shine. One day, you'll be helping one of our vice admiral on getting his new elite toy while the next, we're all grouping up to help you out. That is what we do best!

We're not a very PVP oriented group but that doesn't mean we do not like enjoy it.

If you're interested into joining our fleet, please do not hesitate to message
Zag Cross@aemyh

There's no interview and no special requirements. Our fleet was made to be fun and keep us together.

- Ventrilo is available but not obligated. Our server has been up for years and we simply keep it up for friends, family and guild members.

some background...

Omega Strike is composed of a group of friends and old clan members. Our main clan/guild (REV/UFOK) has been founded back in 1999 and has been standing strong since then. From the era of Quake 3 tournaments, followed by Star Wars: Galaxy, Eve-Online, WOW, our group has been sticking together, enjoying various games at multiple levels of play. Today, we're a bit older and less competitive but trust me when I say that we're still going to exist even when we're all in our 70s...

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