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Thanks. I was a bit worried considering the "unique foundling" thing has been done before, but I was hoping he would come across different given that compared to, say, Data or Odo (or what Worf allows people to see), Alyosha is far more immersed in the culture he was raised in...Earth, specifically Russian.

And yeah, the "uncanny valley" is a great description of what the Devidians thought when they encountered him. Even in the drawing--which admittedly was not that good--I was trying to hint at human mannerisms (perhaps some sort of placating gesture towards someone who inadvertently saw him in his natual form).

BTW, this is kind of random...unfortunately I'll never be able to shoot a video of this story the way some people have done for their Foundry missions, etc., because I would never be happy with the effects (especially the reverse-drain and the way that Alyosha and the others would appear), but if I had the means, I found a song that I would SOOOO wish I could use for the soundtrack. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything with a more Slavic flavor to it, but this gets close to the emotional feel of the story. I wouldn't want traditional "epic battle" music, but I think this would work.

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Originally Posted by hfmudd View Post
zidanetribal, that's a great entry - slightly derivative of a certain other encounter with a late-20th probe, but hey, Trek reuses plots all the time. (Heck, much of TMP was just a remake of TOS "The Changeling" with a feature film budget.) I didn't manage to figure the twist out for myself before the reveal, but I really enjoyed going back afterward and reading the reactions of the various characters with context.

gulberat: I figured that was Klaang, the glory-hungry young Klingon captain from that-movie-we-don't-talk-about-that-would-otherwise-be-#5. Looks like he didn't destroy P10 after all... And while it's a bit slapstick, I assumed that yes, the admiral was idly shooting at his wall trophy, just 'cause. It helps to set up his later Kirk-style behavior.

With regards to your own story - as Vulcans are fond of saying, "Fascinating." A novel character who draws on a fine tradition of unique foundlings (including Data himself, until other Soong androids started popping up). And I like the detail that to Devidians, he would fall into what we call the uncanny valley...
@hfmudd: I got the idea from a TV show in which Pioneer and Voyager come back to Earth in humanoid form; at that time, I was thinking that Star Trek had the exact same reveal. I was going to make it a little more ST:TMP, but I learned that Captain Klaa destroyed Pioneer 10 . I'm glad you liked the end result, though.

@gulberat: Much in the vein of what Mudd surmised, the ready room scene was to establish that the Admiral was no Picard, but that he is also a bit loopy in the head. He's a Starfleet officer who probably wouldn't have been given a command in peacetime, let alone an admiralship, but he does care for his colleagues. Still, he's a nut.

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