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I know there're already other threads about this but apparently they're (willingly) ignored so it's time to hammer some more.

How to say it... The Vesta class line got released the 13th of November so it's a while and yet, regretfully, we're still having issues with the graphical glitches which are always left there for months (we're at 2 now).

The overlay effect applying got fixed for the Multidimensional Graviton Shield but not the rest:
  1. All eq. sets which apply visuals to the hull (Aegis, Borg, MACO, Omega, Reman/Romulan etc) still do it inconsistently, leaving large portion of the hull or just the nacelles left out
  2. Mask Energy Signature doesn't apply to nacelles
  3. Feedback Pulse doesn't apply to nacelles
  4. Hazard Emitters doesn't apply to nacelles
  5. Polarize Hull doesn't apply to nacelles
  6. Auxiliary Power to the Structural Integrity Field doesn't apply to nacelles
  7. Auxiliary Power to the Inertial Dampeners doesn't apply to nacelles
  8. Fermion Field doesn't apply to nacelles
  9. A large portion of abilities which share the above mentioned graphics, etc.

This isn't so "little"...

So, together with the Vulcan D'Kyr which never got fixed, is the Vesta gonna be left like this for an year or so..? Or there's a chance that a thing that can potentially be purchased with real pennies is not left there holed like Gruyere cheese in a suitable time?

No one asks "fix it within the day please" but months..? And every time something gets released on the C-Store it's the same story over, over and over. Maybe some more "aggressive QA" before dishing out?

Just saying,
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01-14-2013, 01:20 PM
The ship's name comes out as a jumble of numbers and if there is a single effect from an ability or visual that gets applied to any of the nacelles I must have missed it.

Normally I just quietly wait for things to get fixed and don't bother posting, but seeing as the D'Kyr's ring thingo still hasn't been fixed I'm guessing you guys work on the "squeaky wheel gets the grease" system.

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01-19-2013, 01:13 AM
*THWAP* One more epohh tag applied!

Oops, sorry you're kinda short, furry and you squeaked. Reflect action.


How many people sail the D'Kyr any more? At least it's a cosmetic issue that hasn't been fixed completely.

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