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2 problems, not shure if they are Bugs or bad Luck:

do Phaser Procs actually work?
some time ago sometimes Enemies Shields go off, or Weapons didn't work. But the last Weeks i havent noticed anything like that.

My OPTL often fires like a Machinegun (Sound and Animation) but: the Torpedo gets destroyed by the following one or simply gets deleted a second after launch. Every 3-5 seconds a Torp gets through.
Noticed this with my Steamrunner - no Projectile Doffs at all
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01-10-2013, 04:55 AM
Regarding the Omega Plasma Torp I've noticed this and I believe that 2 unwanted things are happening.

Firstly, when the "magazine" is expended, the firing animation starts to "stutter". It fires a shot, and then realised that it can't / shouldn't and drops it. This happen 2 or 3 times until is realise it's allowed to fire and allows the torpedo to continue.

Secondly, when the "magazine" is expended, it recharges 2 torpedos and then fires 1. It will then recharge a further 2 and then fires 1. At this point you have fired the original 5, 2 reloads and have 2 in magazine. And this continues until the magazne is full. I've normally turned away from the target before the magazine is fully recharged, so I don't know what would happen next.

I would expect that once the "magazine" is expended, that each recharge is fired as soon as it becomes available. But I think that the recharge mechanic is interfering with the firing and this is why we have the odd reload behaviour and "stuttering" fire.
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06-05-2014, 03:02 AM
I m gonna add to all those posts to bring this to attention again. This seems to be a longer ongoing issue that never got adressed.

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