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01-11-2013, 04:05 PM
I have finished tier 5 on both currently available reputation systems on my Federation main character, and am tier 4 (70k points) at both reputations for my Klingon main character.

For my Federation Character, I still do the Tau Dewa Sector Patrol - to get all the new toys that they offer. I already have the Singularity Harness set, but I also want to have the Reman and the Romulan sets... which will take lots and lots of time, mostly because I need thousands of Romulan marks for those, and I will not command my crew to raise pets - my ship is a Starfleet vessel, not some Cyrano Jones pet trading freighter, after all.

My Klingon toon won't try to get many toys, though. He is just after the new abilities.

I doubt I will do the Reputation levelling much on my other toons. They have been demoted to boff training duty for myself and people of my fleet should the need arise, with season 7. My time to play is limited, after all, and with all the new stuff coming out, I'll rather "level" one toon further than make tons of new ones. Concentrating on one or two toons suits me better anyway.
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IF you want protype Romulan tech and wepsons access to hight powered equipment and ship technology from the Reman and Romulan Empire. The secret to gaining access you may ask? Not hight level negoiations or covert search and destroy missions it's:

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01-11-2013, 05:32 PM
New Romulus, you say? Ah, yes, saw it-in Tribble, back in November, using a Fed toon.

My basic impression from the 'fetch quest map' was that this was something better suited for a starting-level character, or at least should've been tagged on to the end of the Romulan Mystery, not something you have to reach the peak of your career to do-unless perhaps, as a form of retirement.

Flat fact is, I'm NOT inclined to give it a second chance...ever.

The map is beautiful, but the storyline's basis is, put nicely, ridiculous on so many levels (consistency with the setting being the first, and most egregious break-esp. for KDF players) and not in a fun, good, or even funny way.

Flat fact of the matter: there is room for light content, lots of room for it-but Nomulus (good word!) and the Poke'pohh emphasis ain't it-we're Starship Commanding personnel, not farmers in need of livestock, we're not just that, we're admirals and generals, not lab assistants or bug-spray-locators.

There are a whole lot of nothing to appeal in the New Romulus "Content". IF, for instance, the Klingons ARE assisting separatists/rebels (which is one way to interpret the shoddily done background justifications), then where are the missions to train local militias, fight predators, build defenses? Where are the military advisory missions that would justify assigning senior flag personnel, with extensive combat records?

Where is the team-play mission equivalent to an STF? There are two, they're both dead-easy (easier than "Normal" stf as a matter of fact), Azure Nebula rescue and The Vault Ensnared-notably nothing ground-side of even THAT quality (okay, mine-trap...which can be solo'ed, meh._)

I'll call on this, addtionally...

"Of Bajor" was one mission in an organized set, it had an actual intent and purpose beyond grinding, it was part of a story and gave the FEELING of being part of a story. New Romulus does not have that simple sensation-indeed, the entire Tau Dewa sector is basically a basket of random **** for content, mostly dead-easy (except the Tholian red alerts, whose only purpose is to put a red blinking teaser on the corner of your screen, warp you into an empty map, then back out again...)

New Romulus is the opening zone for a single-player game, not the content one should expect as "end Game" in an MMO. Put bluntly, it's dull, boring, beautifully crafted visually and half-assed in execution. Shoddy workmanship with a coat of paint, the Airbus of MMO content.
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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Where is the team-play mission equivalent to an STF? There are two, they're both dead-easy (easier than "Normal" stf as a matter of fact), Azure Nebula rescue and The Vault Ensnared-notably nothing ground-side of even THAT quality (okay, mine-trap...which can be solo'ed, meh._)
They certainly dont pay as STFs do, no reason to be as hard as STFs and I would say the Reputation missions play better as a group due to Cryptics new found habit of Boss Fights within Boss Fights.

Especially the last 2 since Tholians are a pain the ass and the last one requires using one type of armor that not only rarely sees much use but also it requires everyone to wear one.

Oh I say this, I might not like "dailies" very much but if its that and a never ending cycle of Raids, I take the dailies thank you.
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01-11-2013, 06:04 PM
Watch it about Airbus. My father designed the wing on the A380, he also designed the inverted wing tip on the 1st Learjets, the pitch and yaw thrusters on the Gemini. And the release clamps that detach the main fuel tank form the space shuttle. The Airbus is a wonderful aircraft far from junk. Way better than a Boeing.

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