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# 1 Highly Dissappointed
01-19-2013, 01:19 AM
I cannot believe this game has gotten this bad. come on...having to rep up now just to get stuff i was working on the old way....haveing to wait 20 hours to just earn the darn rep...my god lets just start calling it star trek the grind! No actually new content to keep us going....oh wow a the romulans..not inventive...maybe if they actually were a playable faction......but NO...they at cryptic cannot do that at all!
Sorry if i offended anyone, but after almost 3 years with this game, i have been loosing my interest more and more. I'm tired of them promising things and not producing, getting things and then nerfing them, not listening to what the fan base is actually saying and then doing something and saying we said we wanted it.

I'll guess i'll come back in 6 months and see if anything improves or if this game will die off.

EDIT: I'll make sure to pass along your feedback, but as "I quit" threads are not allowed because they always turn into flame threads where the poster gets trolled, I unfortunately have to close this one down. Remember, now that the game is free-to-play, feel free to stop back anytime. We hope to see you again soon! ~BranFlakes

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