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Ain't no reason to buy zen.
You curtailed the dilithium production and increased the cost&demand for dilithium in just about everything.
And then, you released this anorectic "season" 7 and, either you or the players in response, caused the market exchange to collapse.
1 Zen is worth less than 100 dilithium. So why buy Zen? It won't get me much dilithium and if I wanted any I could easily just convert dilithium into it. A lot of it.
The only thing I need is dilithium, occasionally, rarely, I need zen. And I can manage even if I won't get it.
Fire boffs, discharge ships, remove outfits, delete characters...sure, painful, unwanted, but possible.
There's no use for zen. You've made sure for that when you jacked it up so that only Dilithium matters in the game anymore.
Funny thing, I used to buy a lot of CP (cryptic points, you can't afford captain picard), despite being a life time subscriber.
But then, season 7 came.

Joined April 2008. Lifetime Subscriber. Original member of the original 2nd Fleet.
Expended $1,961 USD on this game - regretting it all. This game and some of its staff disappointed me, time and again, per every single cent spent!!!

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