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# 1 Doff and maximum number active
01-11-2013, 03:16 PM
My number of Doffs is approaching 100 with mostly green and white and couple of blues.

On the wiki site there is mention of maximum number of active say three Projectile weapon specialist, or one biochemist.

I understand the need to the stacking effect of the percentage or smaller bonus dont get crazy with loading on a certain kind of Doff/specialist. I do have few questions.

If the maximum number of active doctors is three but I have five in my crew (need lots of medical attention after battles) and none are on assignment how does it determine who is active? Does it start with best quality first and then go down? so the purple, 2 blues, green and white doctors the active system will catch the purple and 2 blues?

So would the advantage of having more available then active maximum number would be send the extras out on assignment?
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# 2
01-11-2013, 03:58 PM
DOffs only become "active" once you've assigned them to the active Ground or Space category - they are then removed from your roster.
You cannot equip more DOffs of a particular kind than is possible.
There is no difference between (or relevance to) having 2 idle Doctors or 5 idle Doctors on your roster.
Idle Doffs on your roster are not doing anything other than filling a roster slot.

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