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I can understand people leaving. You select the wrong misson by mistake, phone goes off, or even your connection fails or you get a CTD. A hundred legit reasons why you would want to or have to leave.

What i don't like is leechers. In this case to deal with leechers who waste other peoples time by not participating and still getting the rewards at the end. The way to deal with it is to give them a financial penalty for just sitting there or using a bot.

In World of Tanks leechers are fined Xp and money for not participating. Its treated as a greater sin than leaving a game early. They are not fined much, a few XP and a little in game money chump change but the bottom line is you are fined for wasting your team mates time.

Cryptic could do similar for STF's. You get 2 mins grace to get in and start playing, after two mins rewards are deducted from your final total. If by the end of the match you failed to participate at all you get fined say 10 dill and 1 bnp. Not much chump change but the fact is you waste your team mates time. We'll waste yours.

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Originally Posted by chuckingram View Post

I've noticed that increasingly players are bailing out of the two fleet mark events Federation Fleet Alert and Federation Starbase Blockade. I'm not going to guess why this is happening, but it seems to coincide with the action getting heavy, which it almost always does. At least one, or as many as 3 leavers is becoming common. I suggest adding a 1-hour penalty for this behavior, as is standard.

Also, about these two maps, how about normal and elite versions? Until I looked at the requirements, I was constantly amazed to see light cruisers show up. As it is now, it isn't fair to those of us who use these maps to generate a stream of fleet marks to have functionaly useless ships as part of the team. VA only maps would help to ameliorate this situation.
Actually at the current difficulty it's quite possible for a team comprised of 2 admirals and 3 commanders to fend off the attacks in Federation Fleet Alert if the commanders know what they're doing if memory serves. I recall that I could quite easily take on one attack group with support from a single vice admiral when I was a commander. But this is with more than 60% of the team being VAs. In theory if the average level of the team is below 35-37 it doesn't matter if people know what they're doing for Federation Fleet Alert, it's just impossible to win without at least Commander level gear

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