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Hey -

I have a couple of threads active looking for feedback on improving my VA Tactical Escort captain, his ship ... everything.

My thanks again to those who've taken time to share their expertise and advice.

My STO Planner build at present is:

Based on feedback so far, I'm considering respec'ing to this new build:

Thoughts? better? worse?

Just so you know I'm mainly PVE (only really PVP w/Fleet). I fly a Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit. So as not to bore you with details, my ship equipment config can be found here:

For now ... yes I'm committed to having a Torpedo in a forward slot (right now Omega, but usually Quantum Borg) so this is why the respec being considered still has lots of points in projectiles. Lots of feedback deems this a waste of points. Better to drop torps entirely and focus on Energy weaps. I'm just mentally not there yet.

I appreciate your thoughts.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 172
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01-11-2013, 06:21 AM
One bump to try again. thanks for any feedback.

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