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01-22-2013, 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
I meant it's easier to kill a cube with a regular cannon/torp build instead of mines. With a good build killing an elite cube (not a tac one) takes 20 seconds or so. No need to use mines here.
I'm not talking about the ISE starting Cube, or the Cubes above ISE and KASE Transformers, I'm talking about the ones in CSE; The ones that have 3 nodes that fully heal it in one tick. Those require spike damage if you want to skip killing the healing nodes.
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Originally Posted by jcsww View Post
Maybe this just reflects me but I don't have any builds that one-shot things and so on.
It doesn't matter what you're doing, it matters what can be done. It is possible to One Shot the big health targets without killing its mega healing nodes. That's why Trico Mines got reduced (and may get reduced further). Which, IMO, is not fair, as it requires serious investment (for me, I think I spent close to 100M EC setting up my build; That's for a Temporal Destroyer, 4 Purple 12 Trico Consoles, 3 Ultra Rare Battery Doffs [for +30% damage on use of a weapons battery], and a boff with DPB 3). That and many trial runs getting the timing right. I had several dud runs because I botched the order and quickness of setting up my buffs, or I deployed mines at an odd angle, and didn't get all 4 to deliver their damage simultaneously (which allowed for a healing tick between the 2 damage spikes).
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I'll agree this isn't a fair change. I mean people like atatassault (love that one by the way) blew tones of in game resources to build up this one specific build and this is all it does, kills stationary targets, and only if the timing is right.

I also question Cryptic's value of balance. I believe that if Tricobalt mines came fromt he Lobi store, they wouldn't be touched at all.
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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Unless the Romulan/Omega torps are doing stupendous amounts of damage, I'm going to say that your estimate of 20s is inaccurate.

Let's ignore shielding for a moment, and simply assume an Elite Tac cube has approximately 1.5 million hull points.

It would take 75,000 damage per second for a full 20s to deal 1.5 million hull damage in 20s.

Now I'm not going to say that it's outright impossible, but without Tricobalt mines I'm going to state that's extremely unlikely to do this - ever - and there is an infinitesimally small chance any "cannons and torps" build able to do this on a regular basis.

Here's a snapshot of my guramba doing 1 million points of damage dealt in 17.9 seconds.

This was using FOMM, APB 1, DPB 3, HYT 2, CRF 2, APA, GDF, Tac Fleet with MK XII Trico Torp CrtHx3, MK XII Trico Mines CrtHx3, Guramba Javelin.

Basically, all the big stuff crit, the Javelin Crit, the mines crit and the HYT Trico torp crit.

I suppose its possible to squeeze a bit more out with a BO & DBB and a higher version of HYT - but I still don't see anyone doing this on a regular basis with "just cannons and torps".
Actually it's a bit more than torps + cannons but it was a shortcut and i didn't mean to be hiding stuff. I've been able to do that with a DHC recluse build with advanced peregrines and a bunch of sci abilities (before the nerf of TBR). Pets can deal a fair amount of damage on unshielded and slow targets. Also add the fact that the cube can take -20% or so from his own HY torp when it hits you if you are at 0km, and you get the general idea. Really, no need to use mines to kill elite cubes. Those targets are pathetic enough.

It takes more time with an escort ship, especially if you don't use the HY torp trick but i think you'll figure out that it's perfectly doable.

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