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There are two things in this game that are guaranteed to cause me cursor tails, desync, and the eventual need to relog (because the juryrigged fix can only go so far).

You can have 20 folks dropping EWP, Grav Wells, Theta, Spamming Pets/Mines/Torps... and while my FPS is obviously going to drop - I'm not going end up with cursor tails, desync, nor eventually have to relog (because the juryrigged fix can only go so far).

If I run Boldly They Run - it's guaranteed that I'm going to experience issues between Cross The Power Junctions and Mind The Gap. There has not been a single time that I have not experienced issues between the Bug getting torped and making the trip to where you jump up to the ledge. Each and every time - doesn't matter if it's the first thing I do when I log into the game or if I've been playing for eight hours. Bam, it happens.

Has always been that way since I can remember. Went through it again with my rerolls during the recent FE Reruns. Went through it with them last Summer. With every alt/reroll where I've run the mission or rerun the mission - I've gone through the issue.

Cursor tails, desync, and the eventual need to relog (because the juryrigged fix can only go so far).

What's this juryrigged fix I keep saying? For some folks, they can just scroll the chat window. Some folks flip software cursor back and forth. That doesn't work for me. I have to open the character window, go to skills, slide that scrollbar up and down a few times, click various skills, close it, and do a little dance (okay, just move back and forth).

It's not just my mouse that desyncs - it's the keyboard as well. It's a desync. Keybinds may or may not work as well as clicking may or may not work.

But still, for BTR - it's a simple thing to do and I'm able to complete the mission. The relog aspect for the desync with BTR only comes into play when I'm running it more than once. Because after it happens, it can happen at any point during the outside mission. The first time, it always takes place in the same area. Additional times can happen before even reaching that point. After doing it a few times, everything just gets too sluggish and I need to relog.

Okay, I said there were two things? What's the other? Temporal Inversion Field. Anywhere between the first to the third time I get caught in this, I'm going to desync - both keyboard and mouse. Cursor Tails and keybinds thinking it optional when I hit them - maybe they'll work, maybe they'll not.

Unlike the BTR one though, perhaps because of everything else that's going on at the time - I pretty much need to relog as soon as possible. The juryrigged fix might appear to clear it up, but everything's going to be so sluggish that it's pointless to continue.

It's one of the reasons I no longer queue for PvP - and oddly enough, it's very rare for me to run into it in Ker'rat. Still, it's obviously the worse of the two.

There have been a few recent discussions both in chat and threads about the cursor tails, etc, etc, etc. I did a search in this section of the forums for Temporal Inversion Field...and there was nothing, so I decided to go ahead - post this thread.

Anybody else experiencing this same issue? It seems like folks are experiencing this here and there, but I only experience it in these two instances - one's guaranteed and easy to recreate while the other can be recreated within one to three attempts. Are folks experiencing this elsewhere in the game? Are they experiencing it in the same situations? Is it something they can so easily reproduce? Thanks...

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02-22-2013, 11:15 AM
I understand that it's been over 30 days since this was posted and one might consider this to be necroing - however, is it a case that I should post the exact same thread every 30 days?

Because it's been an issue since the temporal crap was was still an issue when I posted this - it's still an issue now.

It makes the game unplayable. It is game-breaking.

What else would you call something that after it wears off can cause neither keybinds nor mouseclicks to work?

As noted previously, it can be right away - sometimes it can take one or two hits - sometimes it's a case of having to restart the game right away - sometimes it can be pushed off by going to skills, clicking, scrolling, and typing repeatedly...but in the end, a relog will still be required.

As annoying and frustrating that one may consider all the "cheese" in the game, at least the devs intentionally put that in the game - folks may not like it - but it was intentional. This desync garbage is not intentional - it's a bug - a game-breaking bug...

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