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01-12-2013, 11:08 AM
Carriers in this game don't behave like Carriers.. There like crappy slow turning cruisers with No more hull then destroyers that can spit out pets..

FFS it's like Carrier don't Exist in real life that can't be modeled off of in the way of Tactics.. but this game limits how carriers should function. They are supposed to be mobile refueling and storage stations for Fighters..

If you look up the Definition of AirCraft carrier you find it says among other things that its a mobile Air base..

Adapted into Star Trek I would say a Carrier is a mobile Space base. Would you agree?

FFS a Voquv can spit out BOPS. If that isn't a Mobile Space base then IDK what is. The problem is you can't command it as such. You shouldn't have to command a Carrier with the tactics of Taking it into direct combat but instead using your limitless amount of fighter/frigates to destroy your target.

But before i go ranting on further I'll stop sense it serves no point. I don't see Cryptic ever changing things with carriers enough to allow them to be used as true Mobile space bases.

This Isn't Battle Star Galactica But with the way we are meant to command carriers in this game you'd think it was.
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01-12-2013, 11:09 AM
Not sure if this is PvE or PvP you're having issues with.

That said:

My understanding is the Nurse Doff does wonders w/keeping crew alive. There's also BFI and Jem shields and Aux2Damp.

Fyi, there are Doffs that boost a Carriers defense when in recall mode if needed.

The Kar'fi is more than capable of using DHCs in PvE or PvP if you really want to. It's phase console has a long cooldown, short uptime and is disabled but zeroing it's aux or using an anti cloak ability such as TBs (hello danubes).

For PvP, Escorts are supposed to be able to dictacte when to engage or not. It and team support are what's supposed to keep tham alive.

Depending on your carrier's Sci layout and pets. Your job is to keep them from running and stripping their defenses. Debuffs are the point of Sci ships. They're the anti-Escort support.
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01-14-2013, 09:14 AM
Originally Posted by xantris View Post
The Recluse is an absolute monster if you know how to fit it.
The Atrox _can_ be nasty, but you have to work x5 as hard as in any other ship (x10 as a escort ), and min-max everything else into absurdity.

Originally Posted by thyuberdude View Post
But before i go ranting on further I'll stop sense it serves no point. I don't see Cryptic ever changing things with carriers enough to allow them to be used as true Mobile space bases.
If you wanted to nit pick over classification, you could probably nitpick more.

The fighters would need to be a lot more awesome to pull that off. I'm begging for the improvement that requires the least work to put the Atrox on par with other ship instead of just getting by.

Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
Not sure if this is PvE or PvP you're having issues with.
Both. PvE is passable simple because I've learned to "tank" by bending over backwards and standing on my head. (Mostly I just took the embassy -threat consoles and let escort suck up hate by doing massively more damage. Not that even the best tank I've seen does more then acceptable.) In PvP, I can't think of much more to say then I did in my OP without starting a very long rant.


I seem to have lost the point here somewhere? Anyone take that challenge?

This isn't a "woe is me", "I secretly want a escort, but don't", or "My Atrox isn't king of the hill threat." (Though granted, if it was, I wouldn't complain enough to make this thread. )

This is a: The Atrox is pretty much out stripped by everything else thread. It can preform, but you have to work x5-x10 harder and min-max to make it. I don't fly just or study just a Atrox. I actually do have a point of reference.

If I wanted to cry about it, I'd cry how ship after ship has been released after it. All of them either out tank it, out fly it, out gun it, or all of the above.

Edit: I just want my favorite ship working without having to work above any beyond anyone else.

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One thing I agree with is the fighter AI needs to be addressed. There have been times in KASE that my Recluse's fighters have completely ignored probes despite them being right in front of the fighters. It's somewhat frustrating if you're relying on the fighters for the damage, and putting them in attack mode and targeting a single enemy... only focuses fire on that one. Not good against a group of 5 probes.
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01-15-2013, 12:42 PM
The only experience I've had with fighters is in the Armitage. I did play a Prometheus for a long while though. In both cases, the pets are rock stupid. At least in the Armitage I can somewhat direct where my Danubes go, but they still love to crowd around exploding ships. It's a miracle if I can keep more than two in flight that haven't flown into core breaches. I've gotten into the habit of trying to predict when something is about to die and recall the fighters. It's kind of ridiculous.

If fighters, and pets in general, were smarter a lot of the complaints about carriers would probably go away. If they avoided danger, focused fire on weaker shields, and used their torpedoes and skills intelligently (rather than randomly), they'd be something to be feared. Of course, that gets into the general complaint of "why is the AI so stupid?"

As it stands, I run Danubes in the Armitage because if one happens to tractor a target, it helps make up for the Armitage being on the slow end for escorts. They help some with clearing out torpedoes and enemy fighters too, but that's about it.
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01-15-2013, 06:49 PM
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