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01-11-2013, 04:16 PM
Q: (justin2384) Could we see a way where two or maybe even more smaller fleets could for an alliance and build a star base together?

Dstahl: This is an interesting option ? or similarly, the ability for Fleets to merge ? that we are considering as a way for smaller fleets to handle some of the challenges to building a Starbase. Nothing has been decided but it is definitely an interesting option. It would be useful to know if other fleets feel this would be worthwhile or if there are concerns over something like this.

My feedback is yes. I titled the thread "Fleet Alliance" as a way to express interest. I currently have 5 Fed characters. All 5 were in a very small fleet between my friend, his friend, a few very infrequent members, and myself. My friend recently made some friends with another somewhat larger fleet. In their communication and playing, he said that if we help with their fleet, they would help with ours. I now have my 3 VA alts helping in their fleet while keeping my main and low level toon in my fleet.

I seriously thought about throwing in the towel for my fleet. To be honest, I wasn't promoting it, not really interested in extreme "teaming," so to speak, but was thinking of it being a nice small fleet for solo oriented players to come and join if they wished. But, I have put so much into it that I just couldn't move all my toons over. Currently, my fleet is upgrading to T2 while the other fleet my alts are in are working toward a T3.

Through all my ramblings, I guess what I'm trying to say is, if there is a way to create fleet alliances or something, it would be cool. For instance, maybe a toon could some how be a part of two fleets at the same time? I would love my main to be able to utlize some of the supplies from the other fleet, but not have to "Leave Fleet," have someone invite me to the other fleet, "Leave Fleet," then have my friend invite me back to our fleet, and still have the ability to contribute. Maybe I have some OPS doffs I could throw into one of their projects, so I don't have to sit on them until I have a new project that calls for them on my fleet and visa versa.

Again, maybe in the alliance there would be a way to contribute to either fleet, but of course then its just two star base resource projects with the same amount of people. But then maybe it would be too bad. I mean, there's been times when my alts are sitting on a bunch of SCI doffs, but I cannot unload them because of the project being filled, but maybe the other fleet might need them. I know that there would have to be cautions too if an alliance did created a discount somehow, because then more fleets might "team up." But that might be better than the "scaling resource/based on fleet size" idea, so as large fleets don't splinter or what not.

Eager to see what might become of this.
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01-11-2013, 04:51 PM
Could work similar to armies. One star base, different divisions. So to speak anyways.
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01-11-2013, 04:56 PM
I don't see this workinking for one reason... basicly, I can donate all I want to small fleet (simply bc large fleet projects normally fill up fast) to gain quick FC's but then use said fleet credits to buy from large fleet's store? I don't see the large fleet liking that to much.

Don't get me wrong tho! Something has to give to help out small fleets. Currently in my fleet theres around 10 ppl.. we are currently working on adding romulant kits to the embassy store. Yet it cost 100,000 dil for ONLY 4 KITS!? So we're going to have to basicly run it 3 times to get kits for everyone...

Meanwhile the T1 embassy project is also sitting there and it requires 300,00+ dil for it! Crypitic has fo figure out a way to scale the requirements based on fleet size. I know they've said that they can't bc all a large fleet would have to do is have it's member leave just to lower the price requirements then come back. But some sort of "fleet leaver penalty" would stop that. If the game detects you are leaving and rejoining over and over then can't some sort of band be placed on you? IDK....

All I do know is the current set up is killing small fleets and something has to give. No on should have to be forced to disband thier small fleet and feel they have to join one of these mega fleets to have access to the good stuff...

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01-11-2013, 05:00 PM
It is just really needed, I would say. So many small fleets don't progress much after a while, as people join bigger fleets, leaving some unfinished, sort of "wasted" effort on their old starbase behind... I'd really want to see the option to not loose the resources and still join a bigger fleet!
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01-11-2013, 05:19 PM
I had my own Fleet Alliance proposals shortly after the Starbases were implemented.

Fleet Mergers: Personally, I do not want to see fleets merge. Though won't object to fleets wanting to merge. Let them choose.

Fleet Co-Op: In my proposals months ago, I basically said fleets get a chance to pool resources and they work together. It could be multiple small fleets, or a Large Fleet with a small Fleet.

Right now, people are going right to Tier 4 and Tier 5 fleets, because they want access to the high-end stuff now instead of waiting for their small fleets to get them, so they bail. But on the other side of the coin, many people can't earn Fleet Credits to buy the gear because of projects being completed.

So this is where Fleet Alliances and Co-Ops can shine, where people from Large Fleets can earn Fleet Credits by helping their little brother (Small Fleet) by contributing to their projects without having to leave their fleet. And the smaller Fleet has an easier time advancing.

This also can increase the Fleet Provisions in sharing resources.
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01-11-2013, 06:49 PM
Could add a new dynamic to fleet wars as well.
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01-11-2013, 07:30 PM
There might be certain advantages a 4-50man-fleet-conglomerate would have over a single fleet with 200 people - like 4 fleet banks - without much of a disadvantage (losing a unified fleet channel is NOT a disadvantage: just make a custom channel).
So I'm either against this or expect a complete rework of the way fleets work to take all this into account.

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01-11-2013, 08:35 PM
Will be difficult to do. Have to decide to do Fleet Alliances or Fleet Mergers. Might be able to do both. Which facilities would be kept with the Fleet Merger? Does the Fleet Merger pick the fleet starbase that is furthest ahead and delete the others or pick the best out of each fleet?
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01-11-2013, 08:52 PM
Mergers aren't viable. I'd list all the things that could go wrong with it (I tried) but it would usurp the entire post. I've covered some of these before though, and reposted them before, so here. That also covers what comes next, though below will be maybe a little more detail:

I think they should go with a Satellite (Fed) / Vassal (KDF) fleet alliance system.

One fleet will be the lead fleet in this alliance. This will generally be the biggest fish in the tank, because it just works out best for everyone that way. Smaller fleets request or are invited to gain S/V status to this larger fleet, at which point... really not much changes.

Except now, either from the comfort of their own starbase or other fleet assets, or by visiting the lead fleet's through the transwarp gate (or embassy entrance and whatever entrances future assets will have), members of the S/V fleets get access to requisitions unlocked by the lead fleet. They still spend their own fleet's provisions to buy them, so it doesn't cost the lead fleet anything, and as for what it gets them: Whenever an S/V fleet completes a starbase provisioning project, they now and until they shed their S/V status automatically donate 20% of the provisions they've generated to the lead fleet.

How many fleets can be allied with yours should probably depend on the size of your fleet. No limit won't do. Technically, most of us are already in that fleet. Star Armada I think they call it. Or Spacefleet. Whatever it's called, if we're going to just allow all faction fleets to link up, we might've as well skip a step and remove requisitioning restrictions altogether. For simplicity's sake, I like to think in terms of just Starbase-level squared. 1 for level 1. 4 for level 2. 9 for level 3. 16 for 4 and at level 5 your blubbery starbase will possess an ample enough posterior for 25 greedy little remora-fleets to latch on.

Tack on an Inter-Fleet and an Inter-Fleet Ops (Leaders Only) channel and I think we've got the basics covered. May want to add a tab for the fleet leaders, where the lead fleet and all S/V fleets are listed, along with perhaps what they've used and how many provisions they've contributed, and where they can drop or revoke S/V status (when, inevitably, someone hits the cap and needs to figure out which the inactive altfleets are).

For a bit more flavor, though, I'd suggest putting a wall somewhere inside the starbase where you can display, if you're an S/V fleet, your fleet emblem and that of the fleet you're tacked onto next to it same size, or if you're the lead fleet, your fleet emblem (large) next to a tile grid (SBlevel x SBlevel) showing all your Satellite/Vassal fleets' (obviously smaller) emblems. (Naturally if you're a lone fleet, this would display only your own fleet emblem.) And you could include an Inter-Fleet fleetbank tab, that only the fleet leaders can see, for whatever else they might want to share.

Being in an S/V fleet though, would have to preclude your fleet from forming its own little pack of which it's the leader. It's either one or the other. You can't be on two inter-fleet channels. (I'm confused enough with the three fleet channels as it is.) You can't have two inter-fleet banktabs. (You may mix them up. And when I say you, I mean I. And when I say may, I mean most definately will.) And you haven't got room for a second emblem wall. (Space. I don't know, I guess I just thought it'd be roomier.) And it would be rather pointless, to have an alliance size cap if S/V benefits trickled down from S/V to S/V to S/V, or for lower tier fleets to sign up for your smaller benefit package.

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01-11-2013, 09:02 PM
this is needed as too many small fleets can not progress with thier star bases with so few members. the smaller fleets combining into one big one can act as out posts for the star base.

i am anxiously awaiting being able to defend our star bases. but i do not want to lose star base under attack like in eve online.

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