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# 1 Doff screen requests...
11-25-2014, 05:00 PM
I'm sure this has all been mentioned before, so I'll keep it short.

Hate the new DOFF screen/systems. It's moronic, encourages no thought at all (used to take some strategy, saving some doffs for other missions, which now becomes a huge clickfest if you want to fight the interface), and obfuscates critical information while giving huge screen space to icons AS IF WE WERE PLAYING ON A TABLET. Giant icons everywhere!!!! We are all idiots and cant read or click a mouse!

Heads up, we're not.

Ok, so just a couple things.

If you are given a doff mission that requires a commodity, and you are looking at it in the Plan mode, you cannot see how much of the commodity you have. You can on the list mode, i.e. Personal or Current Map or whatev, by mousing over (which is still bad). But there is zero way to discover this information on the actual planning screen lol...

Also... the In Progress tab. So... no sorting? Really? Just, willy nilly. Ooook....

Unrelated... fix the freakin bank filters, my god, it's been over a year now. How embarrasing for your db "programmers."
The doors, Mister Scott!

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