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# 1 Batteries
11-22-2014, 09:23 AM
Or another load out issue thread. Why are my batteries that I have equipped on my ship from time to time put back into my inventory.

I think it has to something to do with that great (irony) auto-load system we have. Whenever we get a new skill, the icon is auto placed on our action bar. Where? Good question, never on the right place. How many players are there? Does anybody think they set their UI up all in the same way?

This auto-load system works also for items, clickies, things that we can use as an abillity. So I think and I say it is a guess, because I am not into the deeper things of the game mechanics, whenever I loot a battery, the game wants to put it into the ship equipment and on the action bar. However, the ship equipment slots are already in use. Let's make some free space, is the game thinking now.

Get rid of this auto-load feature.

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