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04-26-2015, 12:27 AM
A known list of bugs but im not sure devs have noticed it !!!

Coliseum 26th February, 2011 :
When you fight the first three animals with the last one you should get an Sehlat Cat instead you get an monkey.. and another bug is when Slamek has to open the prisons he won't move nor he want to die he is just standing there killing the other prisoners because the Queen Aehallh Worm is shooting him with slime and the second prison won't open.

Cutting the Cord” 5th March, 2011

Only bug here is not been able to pause the game for a moment so you can listen to Obisek's plight, I just like to listen to the content thats all..

Darkness Before the Dawn” 5th March, 2011

Why was this invented we don't get the boff anymore anyway...

Last but not least “Second Wave” 11th February, 2012 is or is always broke on the part with the doffs... !!!

And the Mission Surface Tension where the ferengi isn't where he supposed to be in the cutscene.

That only these so far.....

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