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Okay this one (technically two) has been annoying me for a few months now. It may have been introduced with season 9.

#1: I have to set my boffs to passive or else they will not revive me if I become incapacitated during combat. As long as there are still enemies around it doesn't matter how much I mash the Call for Help button, my boffs will ignore my cries for help until I order them into Passive mode.


#2: In addition to the above, Boffs will not use CPR on players at all unless the player explicitly uses the Call for Help button. Even if every enemy within a thousand miles is dead and the Boffs are standing around picking their noses out of combat with nothing else to do, directly on top of the corpse of their beloved captain, they won't revive their captain without an explicit press of the Call for Help button.

Starting conditions: Player is in a zone with 1 or more of their bridge officers accompanying them.

1. Allow yourself to be incapacitated by enemies
2a. Set your Boffs to Passive so that they move over to your position
2b. Your Boffs defeat all enemies and move over to your position

Actual result: Your Boffs will stand around forever and not revive you.

Expected result: Boffs will revive dead players.
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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
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10-20-2014, 07:20 AM

This bug start with the Bonus XP long event. HAppen to me with a new
character romulan.

Only got my new first ship when achieve level 20-21.
Is like the get new ship option was move 10 levels

I cannot remember if when achieve level 50 got all the ships I suppose
to get.

Can someone how many ships you got for free until 50? Thanks.

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