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The AZ-Minefield mission Deploy New Mines was given as my mission for the daily reward. I went out into the minefield and laid each minefield, went into the gas field to hide and wait for the enemy ship to stumble into the mine field, and finally went out and destroyed each enemy ship (to include the battleship) for each location identified for engagement. The mission was over, as far as could tell, but still when I went back for the reward the mission was still showing as 'in progress". There were no other steps and all steps were completed as directed and required by the mission.

This mission has been broken since day one (either because it will not allow any deviation or to miss a step and go back to correct it) and now that it was done right it still does not resolve.

STO/CRYPTIC, you got a mess and it needs cleaning up. Either just drop this as a possible mission in Adventure Zone Space or fix it so it will not be a waste of time... just do something.

In-game and CS posts sent (the latter just to remind you of the messed up mission)

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