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01-18-2013, 08:04 PM
Vorcha-R brings options for a tac officer. You still have dual cannons, and the turn rate to use them effectively. Neghvar can use cannons also, but cant keep them on target quite as well. (well enough to be viable though, at least in pve) It is certainly beefier though. The hardest part about switching to a battlecruiser from an escort/raptor is getting used to the boff slots. Once you do, though, you'll find that you are very effective. I like the Vorcha-R so much that I got a fleet K'tinga. As far as boff layout goes, its the spiritual fleet version of that ship. The fleet Torkaht is an even more aggressive version, but would require you to be in a fleet thats at least T2. Fleet ships are a little further off so I'll stop talking about them.

Birds of Prey are also fun. If something isnt working, its very easy to switch your Boffs around and suddenly be running an entirely different build. They do have this tendency to explode however.

I dont agree with the recommendation of the VoQuv carrier posted earlier however. Dont get me wrong, its an amazing ship, its just not right for tac captains. You'll be pretty much wasting your captain abilities, since you cant buff your pets with them, which are your primary source of damage. The Karfi is more tactical oriented. If you really want to use a carrier with a tac captain, I'd recommend that one.

Raptors are the most escort like, so they're probably not what you are looking for, since you want a different experience.

I hope my 2 cents helps!

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