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# 1 Odyssey Star Cruiser build?
01-11-2013, 06:35 PM
I got this ship doing the event shortly before I left game for a while just after I had hit 50... coming back now and want to do something besides the escort spam.

That being said I have this ship (not the Cstore ones) and not sure how to equip it, I want to go more of a support/healing build and the only decent gear I have is the assimilated deflector array, and the borg universal console... rest of my purple stuff is DHC's which wont transfer to this ship.

I almost would just level up a science officer but leveling is boring as crap (until you get past like 20ish and start getting some skills) if I end up deciding I want to just pew pew in the end (besides cant get odyssey on a new char unless I buy from cstore).

My escort was a Patrol Escort.

Just to help out instead of having to look it up stations are:

1 lt cmd universal
1 lt tactical
1 commander engineer
1 lt science
1 ensign science

and it has 2 tac 3 sci and 4 engineer consoles with 4 and 4 weap slots.

I did try searching and all I could find were builds for the Tactical Odyssey, couldnt find anything for normal one... I know the ships fairly similar but just want to verify before I start spending money on this ship that it is viable for the function.

Thanks in advance
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# 2
01-11-2013, 07:14 PM
The differences between the Tac Odyssey and the free one consist of a single tac console slot, the universality of the ensign boff slot, the console ability, and the power bonuses, which are 10/5/0/5 for the tac and 0/10/0/10 for the free. Most builds that work with one will work with the other, but do keep in mind that not all builds that people post in places are good. What exactly is a good build will depend on whether you want to do PvE or PvP (for PvE even a support build needs a fair bit of firepower and sacrificing support for that is fine, for PvP you want all the support skills you can get). Things to be looking for are enough EPtS to keep it up continuously (2 copies normally, 1 with a double AtB build), an Extend Shields (simply the best ally heal), and possibly an EWP, especially for PvE. For weapons you want 7-8 beam arrays or possibly 8 turrets (similar DPS at close range, less farther out). I'll leave details to the actual cruiser experts, I've never tried to run one seriously.

If you can get your hands on a different cruiser, though, you probably want to do it. The Ody is significantly slower turning than most other cruisers which hurts its capabilities no matter what role you use it in. A Mirror Universe Star Cruiser might be a good option there, about as agile as cruisers get, long on support abilities, and only 125k ec on the Exchange right now.
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# 3
01-11-2013, 07:22 PM
Simple build idea using stuff you can buy cheaply off the Exchange and train yourself.

Deflector: Borg Assimilated
Engines: Combat Impulse Mk 11 [Spd][Turn]
Shields: Covariant Shield Array Mk 11 [Cap][Pla] or Reman Covariant Mk 11 (while still free from Romulan-arc mission Coliseum)
Weapons: 6 Beam Arrays Mk 11 [acc] of whatever you already have tac consoles for, 2 Quantum Torpedo Launchers Mk 11 [acc] (get the torps free from the second fed story mission, I forget the name)

Consoles (All Mk11)
Engineering: Borg Module, 2 Neutronium Alloy, SIF Generator or Monotanium Armor
Science: Field Generator, 2 Emitter Arrays (for better shield heals and tanking) or 2 Particle Generators (for better Eject Warp Plasma damage)
Tactical: Whatever energy consoles you have from your escort to match your beam arrays

Officer Abilities
Cmdr Engineer
Emergency To Weapons 1, Emergency To Shields 2, Eject Warp Plasma 1, Aux To Structural 3
LtCmdr Universal (Engineer): Emergency To Weapons 1, Emergency To Shields 2, Extend Shields 2
Lt Tactical: Tactical Team 1, Attack Pattern Delta 1 or Fire At Will 2 or Torpedo Spread 2 or Torpedo High Yield 2
Lt Science: Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Ensign Science: Polarize Hull 1 or Science Team 1 (have 2 ensigns, use the one appropriate given your opposition)

Devices: Batteries for Weapons Shields and Aux, Subspace Field Modulator

Power Settings: Weapons 95, Shields 40, Engines 25, Aux 40

This isn't an end-all cruiser build but rather a standard 'welcome to cruiser piloting' layout, intentionally easy-to-use and relatively cheap. It'll survive a good amount of punishment, let you heal up your teammates reasonably well, and put out enough damage to pull your own weight in STFs. If you want to get into fancier toys, captain trained skills, or doff-based builds, it'll also serve as a decent starting point. I would recommend looking up basic keybinding (even just copying someone else's script, search forums for Hilbert Guide) and binding the Emergency powers to you spacebar so they're always active, giving you much more tanking and energy to use.

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04-13-2013, 07:40 AM
First of all, if you're going to use set items then use the full set. It is much more effective with the abilities granted with 2 pieces or the full set. Secondly, the turn rate can be fixed to a degree by sacrificing a console slot or two to put in a console for turn rate.

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