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Hey all! Salute!

The USL has been around for a little more than a month now. We have grown from 4 players to 15 players and almost 20 characters total. We have a Tier 1 Starbase and all other holdings are more than halfway to T1 as well! Our members are all ages, from a teenager, a few 20 year olds up to a few 40/50 year olds. We welcome all ages, all genders, all sexual prefs and all types of playstyles.

Our main goal is to have FUN and use our imaginations so that when we play STO, its like a live machinima movie! Most of us do participate in RP, though it is not required for you to roleplay. Just be understanding towards those that do. We have special channel for RP and another special channel for players to communicate with fleet members when they are on non-fleet characters or on the KDF side.

We are starting to hold weekly reputation groups and RP events - as well as FA and STF runs. Noone is required to attend these events. The focus should be PLAYING THE GAME, with the fleet being a bonus! We are a friendly and fun group of people who all LOVE THIS GAME!!!!

Some are new players, some veterans and some returning players - but we all like to "take our time" to enjoy every drop of amazing epicness in Star Trek Online!

We are growing our fleet to no more than 50 players total. That way, everyone can earn plenty of Fleet Credits and help with projects - though there is no minimum donation req. and its all voluntary. My hope is that every player logs off knowing they had the most fun possible and best experience they could ingame. We want this to me a family - a community of sorts for all the players ingame who dont rank-rush or skip content or dialog/text. If you wanna go slow - GREAT! If you want to powerlevel on alts- thats cool to. So long as you dont cry about "canon" or whine about "being bored" - then everything goes!

If you want to be a part of something SPECIAL and help the USL grow - then contact me, Xalon@xaosmg or my 2nd in command "S'chn"

Also, we are building alliances with other RP-friendly fleets and veterans so we will have plenty of players to interact with who view the game as we do. As well as forming a trade-union so all players can get what they need and all fleets involved get the help they desire.

I hope you will join us and make your gametime even more EPIC with a great group of players who make FUn their #1 priority in STO!!!

Thanks for reading this and hopefully we will talk soon. Whether interested in joining, have more questions, or in a fleet that wants to play together sometime - feel free to contact us! Salute!


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